1. K

    Stable AM5 motherboard suggestions for server purposes

    I am planning to use ECC RAM with 128gb, and AMD 7950x3d or AMD 7900. It can be ATX as well. I will put the server in a datacenter.
  2. O

    2024 AM5 Server builds (limited motherboard overview)

    Hey all, With great interest I read all 7 pages (though probably only 3 useful) about the AM5 offerings. To keep the spirit of the thread (less so on the original post) going, a new thread to have some discussions about server idea's offerings for the AM5 platform. Which should be interesting...
  3. M

    Ryzen AM5 boards with IPMI

    Hi Guys, Anyone heard of any news about any vendors getting a Ryzen AM5 board with IPMI out early ?