How-to Guide Intel S2600CP2J BIOS Flash

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Here I will cover the UEFI Method of updating the BMC, BIOS, and FRUSDR.

The FRUSRD is the settings that tell the motherboard which fans to monitor, and other options that your case/chassis may or may not have.

You should only to do the full package of updates if you have an issue that is fixed with a new BIOS version.
By default, if you don't interrupt the UEFI Boot, after you press any key other then "Q", everything will be updated automatically until you get to the FRUSDR which requires user input.
You should do the SDR in every case because it is unlikely the RAMP, FAN, and other options are the same as the system it was pulled from. When you get your board it will have SYS_FAN 1, 2, & 5 or 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5

Get a clean formatted FAT32 Flash Drive and extract these files to it: INTEL EFI FIRMWARE UPDATE
Remove all drives and reset the BIOS to defaults.
If you are not doing the full Firmware update and only need to update the SDR there is a prompt to interrupt the auto start by pressing "Q"
Type: updatefrusdr
Pick the option to only update the SDR unless you want to change SN, Manufacture, and other information.
You will then be asked which fans the system will monitor and several other items. Answer as to how you will have everything. In our workstation we use medium ramp, SYS_FAN 1, SYS_FAN 2, CPU_FAN 1, and CPU_FAN 2
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