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    Looking for router advice before moving to AT&T fiber

    Wow, I didn't realize they made SFP modules for GPON. (As in, I didn't know, and just did a search, and found at least a few...) That said, one thing I never knew was whether the ONT you get from AT&T does anything special, or if it's just a simple bridge. You have to redo 802.1x auth whenever...
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    Have been rather pleased with the 6610P-48P I got awhile back. Only thing I wonder: is there some way to unlock a MACSec license, short of buying one? Haven't seen any info around and it's about $800-$1000 (or more than 4x what I paid for my unit) for one. I don't need it, obviously; just want...
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    Comparison: Intel i350-T4 Genuine vs Fake

    My understanding is that the counterfeits simply stop working too soon. I don't know about backdoors.
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    Startech 10Gbase-T (single port) card

    I wouldn't call it "dead-end" since many places have CAT5+ infrastructure and 10GBASE-T permits that stuff to be reused, so I expect it'll sell like hotcakes. And I imagine it'll continue to be installed long after SFP+ modules have been consigned to the scrap heap. That said, if you can do...
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    HALP, I need a clue

    Use iperf3 and test the network alone, see what throughput you get.
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    need opinion on building my own router

    If all you're doing is NAT, then any old computer from the last ten years (!) will do. I have a single core VM on a Xeon E3-1230v2 that handles 300 Mbps just fine. Utilization is fairly high (around 50%) but that's because the network card is cheap and doesn't do any kind of offload; if I were...
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    Mikrotik CRS226

    Depending on the modules you find, it can be pretty close. Cheapest I've gotten 1m direct attach cables for is about $16 each. As I mentioned, I found SR modules for $10, and 3m lengths of cheap fibre are about $4 shipped.
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    Mikrotik CRS226

    I imagine the rest of my network will remain gigabit while the VM host (doing fileserver, router, and other duties) gets an SFP+ port on the CRS226. So the CRS226 and VM host will just go in the closet and I'll use a SFP+ direct attach cable to go between them. The other SFP+ port... haven't...
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    Mikrotik CRS226

    I didn't have to do anything, so I don't know about that. :) Just plugged in a couple of gigabit devices and SFP+ modules, and switching seems to work just fine. I picked ConnectX-3 mostly because the $20 ConnectX-2 adapters weren't available then and because I'm trying to figure out how much...
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    Mikrotik CRS226

    FWIW, I have a CRS226 and have never done anything at all with the onboard configuration, and it just works as a switch. And it and my ConnectX-3 adapters happily use off-brand/never-heard-of-that-name-before SFP+ DAC and SR modules. Also, over small enough distances (see Wikipedia), older...
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    Comparison: Intel i350-T4 Genuine vs Fake

    Thanks for the post; I just compared the I350-T4 I bought new from a 3rd party seller on Amazon and it looks exactly like the counterfeit one. Everything matches. It came in a sealed cardboard box that identified it as made in Malaysia and misspelled "adapter" as "adrpter" in one place. Newegg...