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    C240M3S 9271CV-8i Raid issues

    @Switchback028 & @DRAGONKZ , Thank you for your input. I have replaced the raid card and hard drives with Cisco HDs. I am still going to test with off the shelf drives but noticed that when I replaced the raid card booting the system took a quarter of the time. So I believe that I some how drew...
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    C240M3S 9271CV-8i Raid issues

    I am out of ideas with these C240M3S systems with the 9271CV-8i. I have two of them and both have issues where the 9271CV-8i will randomly disappear, and or the VD will disappear, and or it will detach a new hard drive like its failed. This happen on reboots or warm reboots but if the server is...
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    Is the Cisco C240-M3 worth it?

    @jmck thanks, I cant find a model comparison sheet for the M3. What is the difference between the M3 and M3S? Also do you have an old ebay purchase link or what type of Lenovo caddies I should look for or is it just any of them in general? Edit: So Im guessing the "S" is small form factor for...
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    Is the Cisco C240-M3 worth it?

    I would like to hear your opinion, is the Cisco C240-M3 24 bay worth the used/refurbished price point (2-2.5k)and are they reliable? The purpose of this machine would be to have a reliable 2U hypervisor that has storage flexibility. I would expect 2x Xeons 10c and 192+gb mem sound about right at...
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    Fusion-io ioDrive II - 1.2TB+ drives , 0.09 or 0.08/GB

    Accepted 2x @ $115 each. I tried @ 110.
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    External M-Key 22x110 Enclosure

    Yes thunderbolt 3 is support but did not want to got that route due to cost of the enclosures but it may be the only option. But performance would definitely be a big +.
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    Powershell NIC Command Problem

    If you have an issue with a module forcing updates with "Update-Module -Force" may have a slim chance of correcting an issue. Dont know if this would work but you can try using one of these options instead of -name with enable-netadapterqos -InterfaceAlias -InterfaceDescription try to enable...
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    External M-Key 22x110 Enclosure

    Does any one know of an external usb 3.1/C enclosure that will house an M-Key 22 x 110 Samsung MZ1WV480HCGL MZ-1WV4800 drive? Can tell if this one works with m-key drives
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    NextCloud opinions?

    Set up NextCloud Server on Ubuntu 16.04 with Apache, MariaDB and PHP7 I found this post to be great and is what I currently use with the addition of Redis Cache. Would be best to install MariaDB on its own server though.
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    SMB Multichannel Trouble with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with ZFS, SMB 4.1.6 and ZFS

    Did you ever have any success in your multichannel venture? I would love to hear if you have tried this on Samba 4.4+ current stable is 4.6. Here is my post. Sorry to pull an old thread to life but no one knows much of anything about multichannel.
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    Software Basics of SMB Multichannel and Samba 4.6.x

    This subject is locked down and absolutely no one knows jack **** about samba implementation of multichannel. I've tried the samba mailing list and IRC channel my questions are avoided like the dam plague everywhere. This thread is in the top 10 in google for "smb multchannel linux" simply crazy...
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    Software Basics of SMB Multichannel and Samba 4.6.x

    I have to use it due to bandwidth / throughput restraints that exist in the Cloud because teaming or bonding is not an option and ISCSI MPIO will work but it is heavy and I dont want to. I'm working with 200+ GB single file data sets so speed network throughput is a must so the single thread...
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    Software Basics of SMB Multichannel and Samba 4.6.x

    I am having a very difficult time finding examples and the Samba documentation seems to be out of date or I'm not finding what I need. I do not have any question related to hardware I am fully aware of the hardware requirements my focus is on software only please. My current setup is on RHEL...
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    Sun Oracle Flash Accelerator F40 400GB PCIe SSD - $99 + 15 BIN

    Can anyone shed any light about the "UNMAP feature" on these guys? I cant find much of any info about it.
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    c6100 XX2X2 mezzanine driver

    Window 2012R2 did not see the card for some reason I did not think it would be a problem either. Yes, it is the LSI 2008-ir SAS. I will try the 9240-8i thx.