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    EPYC 7003/7002 lower power CPU

    I have testing H12SSW-NTR on the way and I'll need to fit it with some CPU. I know EPYC CPUs can draw a lot of energy. This build is a server for static webserver, so not much performance is required. What CPU would you choose? I really don't want to have 400W power eater. I'd like to get to...
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    Arista support contract price

    Has anyone tried to get support contract for second hand switch from Arista? Were you successfull? What's the price? We need it only to get access to the latests firmware.
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    EU WTB Supermicro X11SSW-F

    Looking for approx 10 pieces of X11SSW-F if anyone knows about a good deal. It can be from the usa and other countries as well. Thank you in advance.
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    Looking for Arista firmware

    I agree. We had issues with space as well.
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    IBM M1210 raid

    I was stuck with the same and couldn't get over it.
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    IBM M1210 raid

    So I bought one from China ebay and ended up bricking the thing. Never, ever connect pins J6 on these. :)
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    1U Server With 12 x LFF 3.5" & 4 x 2.5" Drive bays - Sweet deal for smaller footprint homelab

    As a company buyer I also have issues with some sellers. Last time I wasn't able to get VAT refund and proper VAT invoice from Germany seller. The transaction was B2B within EU, outside Germany. Ebay support was useless. So I gave them negative feedback, which also isn't displaying on ebay...
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    Desperate search for Arista EOS firmware Until April 2025.
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    Desperate search for Arista EOS firmware

    I don't like this on Arista's. Cisco at least publishes md5 checksums, so if you find IOS on the internet, you can always verify it.
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    Desperate search for Arista EOS firmware

    Anyone with the latest EOS-4.28.2F.swi for 7050SX-72Q? I am unable to find it anywhere. Thank you in advance.
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    SYS-6018R-MTR SUPERMICRO X10DRL-I 174$ + Free Shipping

    Private sales outside ebay in EU.
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    SYS-6018R-MTR SUPERMICRO X10DRL-I 174$ + Free Shipping

    Let me help you - we buy similars at half the price basicaly (2xE5-2630 + 16/32GB RAM) populated.
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    EXPIRED SuperServer 2028TP-HC0TR 4 Blade (1) E5-2620 V4 | 192GB MEM Each blade As for me a great deal. Unfortunately in the US, therefore postage to EU will cost a fortune.
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    Looking for Arista firmware

    We run 4.18.11M on 7050S-52. #show version Arista DCS-7050S-52-R Hardware version: 01.06 Serial number: JPE13311895 System MAC address: 001c.733f.157b Software image version: 4.18.11M Architecture: i386 Internal build version: 4.18.11M-11741054.41811M Internal build ID...
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    Access to Arista Firmware

    @Chankster do you the subscription price? I found this: > Arista EOS (EaaS) pricing starts at $495/month for select fixed configuration products and includes all EOS advanced feature licenses along with 24x7 A-Care support. Which is a lot of money. We only need to keep our switches updated...