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    Desperate search for Arista EOS firmware Until April 2025.
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    Desperate search for Arista EOS firmware

    I don't like this on Arista's. Cisco at least publishes md5 checksums, so if you find IOS on the internet, you can always verify it.
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    Desperate search for Arista EOS firmware

    Anyone with the latest EOS-4.28.2F.swi for 7050SX-72Q? I am unable to find it anywhere. Thank you in advance.
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    SYS-6018R-MTR SUPERMICRO X10DRL-I 174$ + Free Shipping

    Private sales outside ebay in EU.
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    SYS-6018R-MTR SUPERMICRO X10DRL-I 174$ + Free Shipping

    Let me help you - we buy similars at half the price basicaly (2xE5-2630 + 16/32GB RAM) populated.
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    EXPIRED SuperServer 2028TP-HC0TR 4 Blade (1) E5-2620 V4 | 192GB MEM Each blade As for me a great deal. Unfortunately in the US, therefore postage to EU will cost a fortune.
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    Looking for Arista firmware

    We run 4.18.11M on 7050S-52. #show version Arista DCS-7050S-52-R Hardware version: 01.06 Serial number: JPE13311895 System MAC address: 001c.733f.157b Software image version: 4.18.11M Architecture: i386 Internal build version: 4.18.11M-11741054.41811M Internal build ID...
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    Access to Arista Firmware

    @Chankster do you the subscription price? I found this: > Arista EOS (EaaS) pricing starts at $495/month for select fixed configuration products and includes all EOS advanced feature licenses along with 24x7 A-Care support. Which is a lot of money. We only need to keep our switches updated...
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    HGST Ultrastar He8 HUH728080AL5200 8TB 7200rpm SAS3 $55 or less

    Is there any issue with it?
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    You can replace the back panel btw.
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    Supermicro LGA2011-3 1U Server (6018U-TR4+?) w/ Rails $325 shipped

    I bought 20 pieces of SYS-6028TR-HTR 6028TR-HTR | 2U | SuperServers | Products | Super Micro Computer, Inc. with 8x E5-2630v3 and 8x16GB DDR4 modules for 480 eur ex VAT each. So 120 eur ex VAT per node.
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    18 TB WD Ultrastar DC HC550 @ $320

    I bought tens of these (SAS version WUH721818AL5204) a month ago for 330 USD per piece without VAT (EU) and 5y warranty. They are now 358 USD per piece. My estimate is that the price will grow a little bit more.
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    (Worldwide) MicroCloud, CPU and Memory

    I would be carefull about this system. When looking at the pictures, I can see corosion/rust. The system was very likely in a wet environment. I bought the same system in germany few years back with the same corosion and the system was completely ****ed up.
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    EU WTB - 10x Supermicro SC81302-XX00C004

    I can do another 20 :) I haven't picked up your package yet, though. I will do it tomorrow morning.
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    EU [WTB] 2,5" 7200 or 10000 RPM SATA HDD - up to 50 peices

    I bought Lot 40 WD VelociRaptor HDD 160GB SATA II 10k WD 1600 HLFS @ 150€ +30€ postage.