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    Help! HP R5000 UPS voltage issue

    It's all coming together now. One thing I also struggled with was understanding the 240v of the UPS vs the US electrical system. In case others follow this thread in the future, I'll attempt to explain it here. The UPS is 240v single phase peak to peak with 2 legs 180 degrees from each other...
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    Help! HP R5000 UPS voltage issue

    Thanks for the reply! My first mistake I guess is that I didn't understand single vs split phase 240v. Dumb mistake on my part, but I'm learning. Did you try and set it to one of the other output voltages to see if the 2 legs are more balanced? Great idea! I tried it and any setting between...
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    Help! HP R5000 UPS voltage issue

    Really, really hoping someone has a moment to help me here. I have an HP R5000 UPS set to 240v output that I recently noticed outputs 113v on L1 and 127v on L2 when on battery power using a true RMS multimeter. I'm sure not all my devices connected use both phases, but my understanding is that...
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    Cockpit ZFS Manager

    Any updates on the new v1 release? Greatly appreciate the work you've put in here, really enjoy the cockpit integration!
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    Eaton managed PDU (208V) $120 NIB

    I would be interested to know this as well
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    1U server with space for 12 - 3.5" hard drives (+ 1- 2.5" hd) via eBay

    Well, for colocation, 1U is cheaper to host than 4U. For a home lab, I'd definitely go 4U unless you are really short on rack space.
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    1U server with space for 12 - 3.5" hard drives (+ 1- 2.5" hd) via eBay

    This seems great for cheap colocation - just needs redundant PSUs. Not the worse thing with just one though EDIT: After watching the video, no rails and not finding any could be an issue.
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    Cockpit ZFS Manager

    Stumbled on this project on my own and then noticed the link back here to STH :D Great work; looking forward to 1.0 on my Ubuntu instance!
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    Amazon 55in LG OLED TV $1397

    I have the CX48". Reason the 55" is less expensive than the 48" is that the 48" is cut from the same mother glass as the 77". Limited supply = higher price.
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    [WTB] Basic ATX Case

    Not what you're looking for but I have a MicroATX case available in WI
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    (fulfilled) WTB: 256gb ecc ddr3 ram

    I have a bunch of SK hynix 8GB DDR3L 1.35v RDIMM ECC 1333mhz if you are interested. HMT31GR7EFR4A < PRODUCTS < SK Hynix
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    Perc H710 Mini to IT mode

    I'm with you on that, lol. I don't have a need for this anymore, but I did lose one H310 Mini Mono from this issue years ago. Gave up and went pcie. It was a sad day cause I had no way to reflash after it stopped booting. In any case, nice work. Hack the planet!
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    Open Box - Gigabyte C246-WU4 (Intel C246) Motherboard - $105.49 @ Amazon

    Nice find! Too bad I want 10G on this platform :(
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    ASRock Rack E3C246D4U2-2L2T availability

    So ASRock Rack made an announcement on November 1st that they were releasing a number of Xeon E-2200 motherboards. ASRock Rack > News One of which I really like as it natively supports 10G and has the extra x4 PCIe3 slot. E3C246D4U2-2L2T ASRock Rack > E3C246D4U2-2L2T So far, I haven't been...