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    Qotom Denverton fanless system with 4 SFP+

    This isn't a facetious question, so don't read it in a sarcastic tone: How does one use these? I have a 2015 era Qotom 4x that I used for PFSense. I retired it and went with a used HP low-power tower where I added a 4x intel NIC, again with PFSense for a router. How would you use the 4x SFP+...
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    New 4x 2.5GbE and 2x 10GbE Intel Core Firewall and Virtualization Appliance

    I'm confused. Are the "unused" sata ports "usable"? Or disabled and just there without any potential for use?
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    EXPIRED Intel P3605 1.6TB NVME 2.5" $55

    SOOO tempting, but putting together something that would run these is more expensive the the collective cost of the drives
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    Very useful

    Are these standardized measurements to a 3u/4u chassis or anything else? Or is this just two pieces of metal that can go on a rack shelf with proper vibration control?
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    Amazon: Samsung Pro Plus Micro SD 512GB - $34.99

    Would you be willing to tl;dr why you chose those?
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    Engenius ECW230 (Wifi6 4x4 AP) - $125

    I got mine today, so I'm following along to see how people manipulate the set up. In the mean time, is there any harm in me plugging mine in and setting it up the way it was meant? Can I undo the FW or whatever down the line?
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    I'd like to be in on that deal also
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    AIC RSC-4BT 4U 36 Bay Barebone Server

    SKUB for $500 would have sold out if our group here saw that.
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    (US) 90 dollar Wyse 5070 Thin client/mini-server?

    I forget, how are people buying these?
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    ZimaBoard 216 for $83.90

    I was about to argue until I saw that the PCIe is 2.0 x4. Ouch.
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    SanDisk CloudSpeed Eco 1.92TB 2.5" SATA $120

    U.2 you can sometimes scrape $130. SAS was maybe $150/160 lowest that I got. I'd love SAS 3.84 @ $130
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    Maxed out Topton AMD 5825U i wonder how much power it takes now.......

    Thanks. Would a 2230 drive fit in that 3rd spot? Or does that even extend outside the case?
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    Maxed out Topton AMD 5825U i wonder how much power it takes now.......

    Can you link out your parts list aside from the crucial disks?
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    EXPIRED [CN] Seeed studio reServer 4C/8T for $165

    This does not have vPro fwiw $60 shipping!?