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    Which switch?

    I'm CRS317-1G-16S+RM Going bigger it's hard to get web managed.
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    Questions about BMCs and Baseboards

    BMCs add features with new generations from a vendor too. So you're likely to have many generations. You're using someone's management plane
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    $380 Micron 3.2TB S630DC SAS SSD & other capacities available

    Of course they are EOL. They're 2015 drives. Even Intel S3510 a 2015 drive is discontinued Intel® SSD DC S3510 Series (240GB, 2.5in SATA 6Gb/s, 16nm, MLC) Product Specifications A new Enterprise drive for $0.11-0.12/ GB is crazy good. I'm assuming these are OEM. With a 2.5M hr mtbf and...
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    Looking for suggestions on l2 10g switch

    Just as a heads-up this has best offer and the seller usually will take $100 off in this price range via best offer DELL NETWORKING X4012 0CJM5 | eBay I like the MikroTik for home use, but I do not think I would deploy that in a remote data center. That may very well be a misguided personal...
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    FreeNAS Mini on Sale Amazon $100 off

    I have two. They're also using different fans and have their own boot drives.
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    What's your take on Seagate Enterprise "Hybrid" drives?

    We tried a few. Here's the problem. Why suck so much power? They're small too compared to what you can get for sas or nvme.
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    10x Chelsio T440 Quad port 10G SFP+

    It's a gamble with drivers using a small brand.
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    Colo Space!

    Duck. We need to be extra vigilant. How do you know that he went to jail and got out? On sending Colo gear out you gotta watch this.
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    Xeon e-2100 availability?

    I don't know what to feel.
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    400ft new fiber run thoughts?

    I'd think about what you'll use for 100g and pull that once for 40 now then when you upgrade you won't have to re pull.
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    Can you make a switch redundant inputs?

    So I've got a single PSU switch. I'm more worried about the PDU/ source failing than the switch PSU failing. That may be dumb, but it is what it is. Is there a way to put two 120v power inputs into a single PSU? So if one side fails, the other fails over? I know the normal answer is to get a...
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    FreeNAS: Best RAID for my array?

    Performance RAID 10 Z2 adds way more overhead. @K D Z3 on that size array is too much! Maybe if you had all 28 drives in the same array. Otherwise just wasting disks. 24 drive + 3 parity + 1 hotspare and you're set. That would let you rebuild immediately with hotspare and 4 drives for...
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    Mac Pro --> Threadripper or Intel E5

    If I wanted fast and stable E5 V4 not TR.
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    ZFS Design Principles

    You should talk to @Patrick about doing these as main site articles. You'd get more eyes on napp-it than PDFs