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    Bestbuy - WD 8tb $130

    Do you guys have a real business (with real EIN) or just use your SSN to create a business account?
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    e5-2695 v2 for $120-150 or less

    Mine two showed up today. I got from Alex_Sari. The package is really good. Individually boxed in plastic shell. Form insulation. Then bubble wrap. The pins are somewhat dirty. Hadn't got a chance to clean up with medical swab yet. I can see a minor scratch on several contact points. Hope it's...
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    HPE ProLiant Microserver Gen10 $175

    Mine is cancelled. This is the email. Pleased to meet you digitally. I manage the orders through the HPE Marketplace where Insight fulfillment is selected. I am reaching out to let you know that we will have to unfortunately cancel this order. This item is no longer available as “new” and it...
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    e5-2695 v2 for $120-150 or less

    Finally got a decent deal for two from Alex_Sari. I learned about the 10% ebay coupon from another post 3 days ago, saw Alex's listing for 5 extra at $149 a piece (probably from some of the returns??? hope not!). Offered and counter-offered and accepted at $140 piece, waited 2 extra days...
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    e5-2695 v2 for $120-150 or less

    Can anyone share a good method to clean the dirty contact pins?
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    E5-2680 v2 for $144 shipped. qty > 10 right now

    Yeah, after one bought 20. I had 2 in cart and went out to dinner when it was $144. Came home to check out. $154. Dang.
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    Intel Xeon E5-2670 Deal and Price Tracking

    They are indeed Inventec B800. I have been running one for slightly more than 1 year with ESXi and they are rock solid. I got my board from the same ebay seller. They are very decent and good to do business with. I reached out the engineer in Taiwan for an updated BIOS but they simply didn't...
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    Newegg via Ebay: *Refurbished* SAMSUNG Data Center Series SV843 2.5" 960GB SSD

    I got 2. Like others have found, these 2 were totally new with 0 GB written.
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    Newegg: *Refurbished* SanDisk CloudSpeed Eco 960GB 7mm SATAIII SSD - $158 Shipped

    From the PDF that @aero linked, the DWPD is still rated per 3 year service life. That made the SV843 a better deal for 5 years life span. Endurance (Random/Sequential Workload) CloudSpeed Eco SATA SSD 1-3 DWPD (Random/Sequential Workload) for 3 years
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    Newegg: *Refurbished* SanDisk CloudSpeed Eco 960GB 7mm SATAIII SSD - $158 Shipped

    How would these compare to Samsung's refurb currently on sale for $170?
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    Sun Oracle F80 800GB PCIe Flash Accelerator 7069200 LSI WarpDrive 6203 $195 + FS

    I put 2 @ $158 and I think the seller wanted to sell all three at once. My time of offer was actually earlier than your 3.
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    HGST HUSML4040ASS600 - 400GB SAS - $160

    I got 2 with exactly the same manufacture date/TBW. After a round of badblocks, they now have extra 1.6TBW at 8.5TBW now. Mine and yours were definitely from the same batch. The power on hours were 973 hr. I found one was almost 10% slower when running badblocks. Not sure if I need to worry...
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    Toshiba Enterprise SSD refurb 960,400 and 200 TB

    I was thinking about picking up the 4 x 200GB but didn't act fast enough. Once newegg put those on the ebay, they were able to move them fast. Good thing was that I got to pick up 3 x 400GB before they were all gone. Each of them had 3 or 4 power on and no data was ever written. (Now they do...
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    Toshiba Enterprise SSD refurb 960,400 and 200 TB

    Mine arrived with ziplock bags as well, for the 400GB that is.
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    Dell R730XD Intel DC S3710 MLC 400GB SSD 2.5 6Gb/s SATA III Wrnty AUG 2020

    From which seller/ebay link? Thanks!