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    New Router Suggestions (Multi-Gig/10 GbE)

    Looks pretty awesome. Seems like it's going to be years before home internet connections (at least in the USA) will be commonly above 2.5 Gbit. My plan is one of these, I'm waiting on servethehome to post their review, they had a two similar models reviewed, but without the Intel N6005...
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    STH Forum RSS Feeds

    For anyone looking the RSS feed for the main site is
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    Single socket 12 bay SAS chassis?

    Wow, I hit the jackpot, thank you *SO* much for your such a comprehensive answer. I've been buying SAS backplanes enabled chassis (mostly in 24 disks and 36 disk chassis) for years, and still didn't have the information you posted. I do need some redundant caching, so pondering 2 x M.2 vs NVMe...
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    Single socket 12 bay SAS chassis?

    Looks nice, does have a 12 bay backplane, even with a 2x expander. The manual has a VERY limited list of compatible supermicro motherboards (2 Intel motherboard). Is a Supermicro single socket epyc board likely to fit? Be compatible with the power supply?
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    Single socket 12 bay SAS chassis?

    Anyone seen a 2U or 3U chassis for a single socket Epyc chassis with a SAS backplane for 12 3.5" drives? Was hoping to build something with 6 drives (one ZFS vdev) and be able to add 6 later. Was hoping for a backplane so I could use a LSI 8i card and not have to worry about running cables to...