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    FS: 3ware 9750-16i4e 16 Port Raid Controller Cards

    Hello, I have two of these cards from server backups.These are same as LSI 9280-16i4e. $200 each via paypal including postage (from Australia).
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    Supermicro A1SAI-2750F no video out, how to get IPMI address?

    I have 2 A1SAI-2750F's and they both do not display anything on power up. The fans spin and the IPMI led is flashing green so I assume IPMI is working. However since I cannot get to BIOS display I don't know how to connect. I have cleared CMOS so everything should be back to default. Does anyone...
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    SAS drives appearing as 0Gb and cannot be formatted

    The card I am using is LSI 9201-8i
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    SAS drives appearing as 0Gb and cannot be formatted

    Thanks for your help, the problem is I cannot get the drives to be ready. Here is what happens when I run smartctl: ============================================================= smartctl -a -T verypermissive /dev/sda smartctl 5.43 2012-06-30 r3573 [i686-linux-3.10.4-pmagic] (local build)...
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    SAS drives appearing as 0Gb and cannot be formatted

    Hi I need some help here, I bought 10 IBM system X 600Gb SAS drives and all of them appear as 0Gb on my LSI 2008 card (running IT mode). When I try to format them in the LSI bios it comes back as format failed. They seem to be spinning and get hot so mechanically they seem ok. I am at a lost as...
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    SAS drives not recognized? Are they just encrypted?

    Wait I'm truly an idiot, it's literally stickied, I have to format those god-damn drives to 512B.
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    SAS drives not recognized? Are they just encrypted?

    Sorry I'm stupid, but how do you create partitions on and use a sas ST330006CLAR3000 drive on a M1015? I booted up gparted and the drive isn't there! It's there when I lsscsi though. Is it possible it's encrypted?
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    Firefox is chewing through your NAND

    Tried adblock or noscript?
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    ES Xeon Discussion

    I thought ES CPUs are properties of intel. It's not like intel is going to knock down your doors for stolen goods, but it's illegal like piracy is.
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    Got given an IBM SAS raid card with 1.8Gb write cache, what can I do with it?

    I am given this raid card by a friend a while ago, apparently it is some amazing tech with huge cache. It's an IBM 3-port raid card, exactly this one: IBM 00E5902 SAS 6GB 3-PORT PCIE2 1.8G I can see it's very expensive so I'd like to put it to use instead sitting in my drawer. But I have no...
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    Help with IBM x3650 M2

    I am not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I have an IBM x3650 M2 server whose RAID card died. I took it out and noticed that on the motherboard there is a mini sas connector. The manual says that this is in fact a SATA connection. So I connected it to the backplane and put in a sata...