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    TrueNAS native vs TrueNAS under Proxmox

    I want to fully utilize my hardware resources, therefore I create containers/virtual machines that can share the same hardware resources. I have one big machine that can do multiple things. Also, managing a container is much simpler.
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    What performance sacrificed by running VMware vSphere

    What performance do I sacrifice by running VMware vSphere (or other virtualization solution)? I don't know much about "bare metal" and all the offerings. Sounds ideal to have one super machine hosting other machines. I want one of the virtual machines to be my main workhorse, and several...
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    8-bay cases for MicroATX

    I'd go with the Fractal Design R5. I don't need hot swapping. I want something to keep the noise down, so I don't want open drives.
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    Parental Control/Monitoring Solutions?

    I explored Disney Circle, and what I found valuable is the time/screen allowance. I want to limit/reward screen time. Not by time of day, but by duration. I want to block categories of sites (and not have to hover), similar to OpenDNS. I want to allow appropriate education sites, regardless of...
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    Should I build a NUC HTPC?

    That's a great link. I'll be doing some reading on: Minix Amazon Fire TV (best price) Apple TV The above choice are cheaper, and I think I read the hardware for HEVC decoding is optimized. The Amazon Fire TV price is real hard to beat! Thanks all for putting me on the right track.
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    Should I build a NUC HTPC?

    My plan is to have a capable media server (i.e. Plex Media Server) in the backroom, and stream video to Plex Media Player to a device connected to my TV. For the player device at the TV, I'm thinking of building a compact and silent device, and came across Intel NUC. I also want the ability to...
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    Need fan? (Supermicro C3000)

    I'm looking at the Supermicro C3000 motherboard/processor series, and many do not come with a CPU fan, just a CPU heatsink. The models without the fan, do they require a chassis fan? Or do these models not produce the heat, therefore the heatsink is all that is needed? Thanks.
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    Motherboard/CPU for SnapRAID

    What are some motherboard/CPU options for SnapRAID that don't exceed the requirements to the point of wasting money? My only requirements are: Support for up to 8 drives ECC Thanks.
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    E3 Xeon Motherboard with Transcoding and IPMI?

    What about SnapRAID, Open Media Vault, and the plugins?
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    Ryzen Pro and ECC

    I read ECC is not supported, and is not 100% reliable.
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    Fanless PSU

    Are there concerns about running a fanless PSU? Or does a fanless PSU depend on chasis fans? The server will be in the office, and would prefer less noise. The workload will mostly be from Intel Kaby Lake CPU and 8 x 5400 RPM drives.
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    RPM's 5400 vs 7200 (Heat, Noise, Reliability)

    I'm considering Western Digital RED 5400 RPM and Seagate Wolf 7200 RPM drives for my media server NAS with will stream over a wired network to my TV. I will install eventually a maximum of 8 drives. In regards to the RPM's of 5400 vs. 7200: Is there a heat difference I should consider? Is...
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    Memory: Rank and Registered/Unbuffered

    What does it mean to be dual ranked x4 based versus dual ranked x8 based?