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    Comparison: Intel i350-T4 Genuine vs Fake

    I have 6 Dell I350-T4(4x PCIE 0THGMP and 2x Daughter card R1XFC). 5 of the cards that I bought came with F/W V. 13 and flashed them to the latest version 19.5. In doing so the SR-IOV capability was unlocked on those Dell NICs however its a false positive. It does enable the capability of SR-IOV...
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    List of NICs and their equivalent OEM parts

    Please update this thread and OP's original recommendations to stay away from Dell's version of I350 cards as they don't support SR-IOV. They are equivalent to I340s. I bought 5 I350-T4(4x PCIE 0THGMP and 1x Daughter card R1XFC) and none of them support SR-IOV. Dell I350-T4 = Regular I340-T4...