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    Western Digital Red 16 TB $279.99 and 18 TB $319.99

    Not bad for a 5yr warranty drive. Too bad the 18TB are already out of stock.
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    16TB Seagate Expansion $274.99 (Exos x16)

    Nope, no DOA for me except one 8tb and that was probably due to poor shipping packaging. In fact, I would be willing to bet that even the newegg DOAs are all related to shipping damage versus just normal drive failure. Keep in mind that the drives in those enclosures are for some reason not...
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    16TB Seagate Expansion $274.99 (Exos x16)

    I have 6x of the real 16tb exos 5yr warranty I bought a few months back and 2x of the 8tb versions and all have been solid. They have been similar to the enterprise HGST drives I have.
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    Ruckus R610 Great deal 3x3 radio 802.11ac Wave 2 $99 each .

    Awesome deal for enterprise goodness! Hopefully more will pop up at this price. :)
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    Helium 8TB SATA HDD for $157

    That's not really new then. Because a truly new drive will have a proof of purchase that gives you a 5 year warranty from the date of purchase, no matter how long it's sat on a shelf. What you're talking about is 'new old stock', which is generally not under warranty because it's eol.
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    Helium 8TB SATA HDD for $157

    Yep, your and my definition of new is the same. Gotcha. So these aren't new then.
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    Helium 8TB SATA HDD for $157

    Agreed but this is a stand-alone company that would directly have to answer to customers and not be able to hide behind ebay. Hence, why I was asking about the whole 'remainder warranty' thing to understand if this is something other companies do too and what the caveats are of such devices...
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    Helium 8TB SATA HDD for $157

    Okay, besides the obvious--it is literally just the remainder of a factory warranty? And if this is the case, how can the drive be called new?
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    Helium 8TB SATA HDD for $157

    What is a remainder warranty? I've not heard of that before.
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    Helium 8TB SATA HDD for $157

    So then are they not new? Because a new drive would have 5yr warranty from the date of purchase with proof of purchase from an authorized distributor. The warranty based on the serial number probably would be 2024.
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    Helium 8TB SATA HDD for $157

    Nice find, but these are being sold with only a 3yr warranty for some reason when the datasheet on them says 5yrs. Anyone have any experience with this vendor or this sale? They're also 4Kn if that matters. For me it's pretty tempting as 4Kn drives are usually special order.
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    WTS: (US) Samsung 1.92TB PM863a Enterprise SSD

    Any warranty left on these?
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    US - STH Perpetual Freebies Thread

    Mystery card is a Syba PEX24041 Realtek 8111H based card:
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    EU WTB: RAM DDR3 ECC 16GB 1333MHz/1600MHz (12x 16GB = 192GB)

    Do you have a preference of LRDIMMs or RDIMMs?
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    DEAD: HGST SSD1600MM - HUSMM1640ASS201 - 400GB US $47.95 OBO

    The horror movie for the serve the home crowd--"Fifty Shades of Brick"--coming soon to a streaming platform near you. :eek: