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    [FS] [USA-AZ] 4x8GB DDR3 RDIMM x2

    Hey, welcome friend! :)
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    HP T730 8GB RAM 32GB Storage Thin Client

    I think that maybe there's some sort of optimization on the AMD that makes bogomips run better, but generally the cpu will be slower as you mentioned.
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    HPE Samsung PM1725B NVME U.2 3.2TB - $540 OBO

    The STH Effect™ strikes again! (not actually trademarked, but looks cooler this way)
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    FS: SuperMicro Hot-Swap Server - $300 Denver

    Pretty cool vintage server--even has the older Supermicro logo on it. Definitely can't fault it's reliability and retro compatability with stuff like Ultra SCSI. It may not find much love here, but someone out there will be absolutely stoked to have this machine--don't give up on finding it a...
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    Just curious because I was watching a bunch of these in the outlet and didn't get a chance to order. The usage and condition looks typical for an outlet drive, hence my asking.
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    Where from?
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    Where did you get these drives?
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    128Gb RAM in PowerEdge T140 possible?

    Yep--the only time I've seen an update was on the R710 server when larger ecc reg modules were available and officially increased the max ram spec. On my HP? Not sure. Never ran it. It has an e5-2630L in it which specs a max ram of 384GB...
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    128Gb RAM in PowerEdge T140 possible?

    Dell and a lot of manufacturers don't really know how far their systems can be pushed. My HP z420 was spec'd to max out at 32GB of ram using ecc udimms. Little did anyone know, 32GB LRDIMMs work in the system, maxing it out at a whopping 256GB of ram. If you can order memory modules from...
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    WTB 2.5" 15K Hard Drives & e5 V4 series dual CPU

    If OP isn't interested in these, I am. :)
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    SOLD: x22 Sticks of 16GB DDR4 ECC Server RAM

    I know these won't last long! :)