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    Does Hyper-V Dynamic Memory work with Linux?

    There is a Hyper-V Integration Services for Linux you can download from Microsoft, or it comes with some newer versions of Linux, that you can install on the Linux guest. This should do it, but if there are specific problems I wouldn't know.
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    Supermicro H8DCL-iF crashes randomly with strange kernel messages

    There is an Amazon seller with that drive at the same price.
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    Request for help testing - faster main site

    It loads in well under a second for me.
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    Exchange 2013 anyone

    Not an Exchange expert, but my two cents: For big enough files SIS would be more efficient in terms of IOPS. But for smaller files, SIS has to read in all the files it currently has to see whether to write a new file or point to an existing file.
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    Icy Dock 3.5" Converter Competitor?

    I see those for 6.99 from "hotnow" seller. They all look the same and should all work. But I have not tried them. 2 5" SSD to 3 5" SATA Hard Disk Drive HDD Adapter Caddy Tray Cage Hot Swap Plug | eBay Edit: I just noticed the seller is "away" for a week.
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    I need some database input

    1) What data specifically does your automation system create? CSV files, something else? 2) Are you looking to run this on Windows? This will not take you thousands of hours. I think you are looking at about a 20 hour project if the automation output is easy to work with.
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    High performance local server build - starting advice

    " It gets bogged down as soon as two workstations access at once" Is the second workstation accessing the same file on disk, or different files?
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    MySQL Assistance

    I also don't use MySQL much... It is possible that MySQL did not release the free disk space you created, but will use it for new data. This is what SQL Server would do - the database file size doesn't decrease even if you delete a huge table. If this is the case, you want to google...
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    Western Digital Black^2- 128GB SSD plus 1TB hard drive

    You have to run a Windows program to enable the 1 TB drive. It says Mac coming soon. It is also not supported for Windows Server OS's. This product is aimed squarely at laptops with only 1 hard drive bay.
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    Interesting Story: FedEx and my new Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    FedEx delivered the box to the wrong house. That person notified Fed Ex to return it to you. I don't see any foul-play here, but anything is possible.
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    Idea for final project in Advanced Database Management class

    SQL Server TDE (transparent data encryption)- this would be a nice project, to compare performance between encrpyted and not encrypted database with different types of queries. TDE only comes with SQL Server Enterprise and Developer. Part 1 - Installing TDE Part 2 - benchmarks of TDE vs not...
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    new home server questions

    That is not uncommon for big software companies, they "officially support" as little as possible to keep down support costs.
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    Let's watercool a 42U Rack and some servers

    Could you do 2 or 3 smaller pumps can keep the tubing separate?
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    SSD drives just got really really fast

    Any guess to pricing? I am thinking the 1.6 TB drive should be at least $10,000.
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    Keyless door locks

    I don't know. If I lose the phone or the battery goes dead, I don't want to be locked out too. And if a hacker somehow hacks into the phone, it is not a good thing IMO if they can also open your doors.