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    Any downsides to old(er) Layer 2/3 switches?

    Security other than at the edge shouldn’t be that big of a concern. If you don’t let the threat in to begin with, you don’t need to worry about it. I presume this is a home network, so it’s not going to be that large of an issue. And a switch won’t be that much of an attack vector in that context.
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    UK FS: Railgun's FS thread

    Case sold and OP updated.
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    UK FS: Railgun's FS thread

    It’s still available. PM invound. That’s exactly what I did, a six-slot, 2.5” cage.
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    UK FS: Railgun's FS thread

    Added a couple things.
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    90 Degree Glasfiber LC-LC "Adapter"?

    Ahh...well...then a blowtorch should suit. :D Back to the task at hand... I'm guessing you can find something similar in the EU.
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    90 Degree Glasfiber LC-LC "Adapter"?

    Heh. Yeah, I see how that would make it more difficult. And a blow torch would probably not be an approved item to bring into the data center.
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    90 Degree Glasfiber LC-LC "Adapter"?

    Not that this will help you but I had a similar problem, so I beat the inside of the door to make enough room.
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    UK FS: Railgun's FS thread

    According to them, there was no option to use it as a standalone device. Had to be used with their cloud service. It was a replacement as the first one that was purchased somehow screwed up and everything that he had moved to it disappeared/became inaccessible. And somehow his account got...
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    UK FS: Railgun's FS thread

    It was something I got for my dad. The service sucks...and wasn't quite what I thought it was effectively a useless piece of HW. So, I shucked them and to my surprise I found these, which I'd initially used for my NAS, though a bit temporarily.
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    UK FS: Railgun's FS thread

    This will be a constantly evolving post and will edit as needed. I have a lot, but I need to organize it. I'd prefer to keep things within the UK, but could expand to the EU provided paperwork isn't that much of a PITA. So, to start: EP2C6028x 6TB WD Reds (WD60EFRX). Two (the white labels)...
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    EU [EU-GER] FS: 19x NEW SSD Samsung PM9A3 3.84TB M.2 PCIe 4.0 x4 — PLP — Endurance ~7 PBW // Shipping worldwide

    Interested in the SSDs. I’ll be in Frankfurt at the end of April if that’s of any benefit. I’m in the UK otherwise and would not like to deal with Brexit faff as they say.
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    Disk layout vs performance vs record size

    I hope I'm not conflating too many things here, but since they're all interrelated, perhaps I'm not. I'm moving from a 15x2 VDEV mirror with 3TB Hitachi disks (bare metal, E5-2687W with 64GB RAM, multiple 9207-8i HBAs) to either a 11x2VDEV mirror or 7x3 RaidZ1 of of WD60EFZX on a VM behind an...
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    EU [DONE] 2x INTEL XEON E5 - 2667 v2

    As soon as I get my new server up, I'll have 2x E5 2697 v2s available if that works for you?
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    Desperate search for Arista EOS firmware

    2GB or full version?
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    Broadcom P225P/BCM57414 SR-IOV inconsistent behavior/no longer loading

    Hi all, This is largely a copy/paste from a couple other product specific forums as well as with the FreeBSD folks. I figured I'd also pop this here to see if someone has some experience with this particular issue, or if I'm just spinning my wheels here. I've been using OPNSense and TrueNAS...