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    What happened to that topic where the poster was offering discounted shipping labels?

    I paid for a shipping label more than a week ago, but still havent go the label.... beware
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    Hi, picture are great thanks. so are these new units then? I asked because it shows no power...

    Hi, picture are great thanks. so are these new units then? I asked because it shows no power on hours.
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    Canada [FS] WD Gold 10TB

    The smart data seems to be from a single drive, the raw value is the same on each picture. What about power on time, how many hours on each drive? Can you show Crystal Disk Info pictures? Thanks
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    [FS][US] 8x Dell WX387 2.5" drive trays

    Just spent north of $900 on 64 of these! are they still available?
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    Dual M2 on X11SCH-L4NF and RAID NVMe booting

    Hi, I've been trying to get a RAID array created on the dual M2 NVMe drives installed on my X11SCH-L4NF mb, but it appears this is not possible on these boards (a bit late now I've got it sat in my lab!). Has anyone had similar experience with SM RAID, and my second question would be why do...
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    New Workgroup deployment 60+ Devices - DT or VDI?

    Hi, I'm looking to deploy a remote work group for a team of about 60 persons. We are considering traditional Desktops with central file-server, but I'm thinking perhaps VDI would be a better choice. Whats the verdict, how do you decide to go VDI or not. I'm not looking for cloud functionality...
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    Updated: 12-01-22 - CHEAP 30.72TB NVMe SSDs!

    Received 2 sas ssd, 1TB drives, working great. Would recommend seller, well packaged and fast shipping.
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    US‑16‑XG or DXS-1210-12SC

    Hi Guys, What is the verdict on these two? What I'm I going to miss if I take the Unifi 16-XG, anything? Is Ubiquiti manageable from web or does it require the Ubiquiti controller application? Seems like 16-XG is considerably cheaper so want to know any gotchas. Thanks
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    WTB: 2 sticks of 2/4GB DDR4 ECC

    I have a similar request, a couple of DDR4 ECC un-buffered 4GB any speed, if anyone has any they wish to let go. Thanks
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    sas ssd

    sas ssd
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    FS: Lenovo & Dell Server and Synology NAS

    Is the R210 still available, does it come boxed? Shipping to NY.