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    ES Xeon Discussion

    I'm not going to go off just a screenshot as it's that - a screenshot. If your system thinks they are A0 stepping then that's the reality that needs to be worked in. As posted above, you can try one and CPU if that helps. Or you can try swapping them in sockets. If they don't work in pairs...
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    ES Xeon Discussion

    You could try to downgrade the BIOS. I doubt it will work though A0 steppings were unstable typically.
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    [WTB] Basic ATX Case

    I have a z170 barebone just about for the cost of a case.
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    Backup Software Experience/Recommendations

    Windows or Linux?
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    Found - WTB SATA M.2 drive 2280

    I have a Samsung 860 EVO 1TB sitting here if you still need one.
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    WTB: ASRock Rack E3C226D2I

    I have the 236 version Bnib.
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    FS: 3x 14TB easystore drives

    @OMGerm you can shoot me an offer but there’s not much room. I can always return them and get all of my funds back.
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    WTB sys-5019a-ftn4

    Looking at getting an atom 3958 1U for a client’s firewall. Lmk your price for it.
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    Threadripper Proxmox build, need suggestions

    Older TR may be a better value.
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    Building a new server for Unraid

    Do you plan on increasing drive count at all in the near future?
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    FS: 5x 10TB WD external drives

    That was a shotty thing WD did in some of their HDD drives.
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    FS: 5x 10TB WD external drives

    TTT because everyone needs storage.
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    Stacker cheap server cluster with 3 Asus Z9PH-D16's

    I have some 1U and 2U heatsinks (2U are active, I think) for a few dollars (i.e. - getting a sandwich) and shipping.