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    A bunch of Juniper SRX300 firewalls dumped cheap

    You are supposed to have a license per device. But for home use it probably doesn’t matter. The license isn’t connected to the device at all, it’s honor based. You can have a floating license if you want to have a hot spare in production. The JSE includes some app firewalling features plus a...
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    Cisco Nexus 5K...good deals on anything better?

    Arista comes fully unlocked. Licensing is based on the honor system. For a system that old they won’t license it.
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    A bunch of Juniper SRX300 firewalls dumped cheap

    The only caveat here, your company name at CDW needs to match your company name at Juniper. If you don't have a company? Maybe create a DBA for a sole proprietorship, in my state it costs $75, then you can use this name and your address everywhere. No need to incorporate or anything.
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    A bunch of Juniper SRX300 firewalls dumped cheap

    Here are the actual links: Core care for the JSB-L software: Juniper Care Core - technical support - 5 years - SVC-COR-SRX300JSBL-5YR - Warranties - 3rd Party - (5yr) Single year: Juniper Care Core - technical support - 1 year - SVC-COR-SRX320JSBL - Warranties - 3rd Party - The...
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    A bunch of Juniper SRX300 firewalls dumped cheap

    Ok, I have a handful of these...licensed etc. Here is the absolute cheapest way to get these legal. The JSB-L, JSB, JSE are all perpetual licenses. The JSB-L is limited to 200Mbps, BUT...when you purchase the license there is nothing to be installed on the router itself. So no effective...
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    Arista 7050QX-32S Rebooting every 13 hours

    We have some 7050qx-32's in a DC as well. We're on an older version, but have no stability issues. We did upgrade one of them with a 16GB ram module, zero problems. One thing I have noticed at the DC... we have conditioned power. But we also have a feed straight off the breakers for the UPS...
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    Cheap 10GBE FCoE networking + FC interconnect switch?

    My company has a pair of 6332-16UP's, and yes, you can do what you're asking. They're great machines. We are managing a UCS chassis plus some C-series servers with them. They connect upstream with a pair of Arista switches, all in a DC (so noise doesn't matter). The 6332 or 6120 isn't really...
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    Cheap 10GBE FCoE networking + FC interconnect switch?

    We run a lot of Cisco UCS gear, all supports FCoE. If you want straight fiber channel look at the Cisco MDS line. Older switches are practically free on eBay. Cisco's whole mantra is converged network. Their NIC's are software defined CNA's, that connect to a fabric interconnect (software...
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    HP 10Gbe NIC Firmware

    Should be picked up. If it isn't you can register for a free account on HPE and download the drivers without a support contract.
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    Broken Hardware on Ebay? Why?

    Even in the first category you can get great deals if you know what is "broken". I've found about 90% of broken means: 1) missing flash 2) missing software Those are easily fixed and then you have a fully functioning piece of hardware. Trick is to get it for a broken hardware price. As for...
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    Juniper SRX connection to NordVPN?

    I've done IPSec tunnels with the SRX. It's really simple, there is even a Juniper config generator online. Are you doing route or policy based? Does the SRX have a static or dynamic IP? If you have a static IP you just configure the IPSec IKE key and point the box at the other VPN endpoint...
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    Cisco branded 10gbe BCM57712 firmware update

    What's the Cisco part, is it a VIC 1225? Can you use the Cisco Drivers? I know in Windows this is picked up without an issue, same with Linux, both "know" the card by default. The issue is you won't be able to change any default settings on it. By default these are set to trunk mode with...
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    Processor/RAM limitations on 40Gbe?

    v3 or v4 CPU? I'm guessing so based on the RAM. The CPU should handle it without an issue. What OS? In Windows I've had trouble getting past 32-33GbE with all the tweaked settings. All of our Linux boxes are on dual 20GbE connections, but out of the box untweaked we can saturate a 20GbE...
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    Latency Difference Between AOC and DAC Cables

    We use them in a dense rack, they're easier to work with vs DAC's, especially at 40GbE. At 10GbE I agree, both cables are about the same diameter.