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    NVMe - make the most of your PCI-e Slots (How-to config Supermicro boards for AOC-SLG3-2E4T et al)

    It is confusing!! Took some time to get anAsus Hypercard M.2 v1 set up the first time around. As @itronin pointed out, follow the block diagram for the motherboard. If your post above (#42) is in relation to the X10SRi, see page 16 of the manual. Port 1 ---- Slot3 (PCIe x8) Port 2 ---- Slot6...
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    What NVMe works on Supermicro X10SDV boards?

    Tested by SM: M.2 List - [MBD-X10SDV-4C-TLN2F] It is interesting that the drives don't show up at all. I am used to seeing people not being able to boot off them sometimes, but modern mobo/bios + modern OS = I'd expect to see it detected even if not bootable. Do you have a PCIe to M.2...
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    Direct attach with MCX354A-FCBT

    I use the exact same cable from They seem to work fine for me. Have you flashed your cards at all? Are your cards plugged directly into a x8 PCIe slot? Have you tried just connecting two ports on the same card together with the passive DAC cable?
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    Motherboard compatibility with E3 1235L v5

    Per the MSI URL you provided: Skylake = v5 Kaby Lake = v6 So, yes, the E3-1235L v5 should work fine on that MSI board.
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    New Supermicro BMC interface

    Oh my ... this looks nice ..... damn near want to buy a new motherboard just to see/play with it in person.
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    Need advise to overcome 2 slot GPU covering my PCIe x8 slot

    Well now .... there is an important piece of info. The size of this case and what you already have in it may hamper your goal. You will need a custom mount in addition to the flexible riser cable I presented as an example. (Notice there were other options for left/right angles + lengths). If...
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    Need advise to overcome 2 slot GPU covering my PCIe x8 slot

    ADT-LINK PCI-E X16 to 16X 3.0 Male to Female Riser Extension Cable
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    1U or 2U short depth Xeon Scalable v2 VMware certified server

    Not only does your "Example" look to be the combo of SC514-505 and X11DDW-L, but I don't see a reason it would not work/fit. If you need that combo to be blessed by Supermicro, thats one thing. If you are going to run this in your own home/lab, why not?
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    $350: Dell T40 w/ Xeon E-2224G, 8GB ECC, 1TB HDD, DVD-RW

    Only the PCIe x16 slot is direct to CPU ... other slots including (the in-demand 20 year old) PCI slot is PCH. Wonder what that does, if anything, to real world use/performance. Another odd thing (to me anyhow) ... the T40 supports VROC .... so does this mean bifurcation support in BIOS on the...
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    $350: Dell T40 w/ Xeon E-2224G, 8GB ECC, 1TB HDD, DVD-RW

    Boot from M.2 in PCIe x4 slot via adapter and keep Intel AMT
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    Mellanox 40gbe NICs and Windows 10

    I want to say I flashed under Win 7 and ran some iometer test (NVMe testing between PCs over this HP branded Mellanox 40Gb NIC) using Windows 10 - drivers were not an issue IIRC. This was back in Jan 2020 foggy.
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    is it possible to upload a VM from Vmware workstation 15.5 to ESXi Without changing UUID ?

    Configure a Virtual Machine to Keep the Same UUID I don't know the answer .. but the above link may help.
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    Micron memory compatibility question for SuperMicro server

    It looks like it is on the SM list..... just in archived EOL list
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    Dell iDRAC (8 & 9) Enterprise Extended Trial License (240 days)

    I came across this on accident ... may be of interest to PowerEdge owners who can use iDRAC 8/9. iDRAC Enterprise Extended Trial License Dell EMC is making the integrated Dell Remote Access Controller 8 & 9 (iDRAC8, iDRAC9) Enterprise license FREE TO USE for up to two hundred forty (240) days.