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    LSI 9300-16i $129 obo

    If you have issues, these have been working fine for several months. I've never understood the claim that ZFS seeing the raw disk is actually useful. Other than having a one-stop-shop for error reporting, I don't think it buys you anything, since these days disks themselves are very much "black...
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    Looking for a UPS

    I've got nothing but CyberPower simulated sine wave, and have no issues with either my servers (Supermicro rack mount chassis) or workstations (various machines with Seasonic power supplies).
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    20TB hard drive for $295

    Water Panther is a very clever name for the business intent. The "WP" on the drives looks enough like "WD" that some people might think they are related. Plus the "Panther" makes people think of other "animal" hard drive names, like Barracuda or Raptor. Last, the actual label has enough in...
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    20TB hard drive for $295

    Water Panther is a completely different animal from companies like ServerPartDeals. Water Panther drives look like a brand you've never heard of and are sold as new, but they are just used drives with SMART data wiped. ServerPartDeals are honest about the drives they sell, at least as far as I...
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    pfSense DNS Resolver oddly slow

    The likely reason the DotCom lookup was so much slower was because the errors added very big numbers. This is also indicated by the fairly large standard deviation. My pfSense install on a Celeron J3160 has numbers similar to your non-pfSense: Since my test with the same external server you...
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    LSI 9300-16i $129 obo

    25W is the PCIe spec for cards that aren't GPUs and so aren't expected to be placed in GPU slots. 75W is the max for GPU slots. At 27W, it's just above the limit.
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    MegaRAID SAS 9440-8i - 'Change Personality' RAID/NONE

    You could always shut down, disconnect the drive data cables, then power on. If the card goes into a non-RAID mode (whatever that might be), you should then be able to put it back, power off, reconnect the cables, and power back on to RAID.
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    [WTB] HP Z620 side panel key

    True, but having a key would allow anyone to both open and then re-lock. There were some 4-wheel Master padlocks used to lock down machines, and I could bypass them, but they needed to be able to be re-used by anyone, so instead I decoded without tools. That generation of locks gave a fairly...
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    [WTB] HP Z620 side panel key

    It appears the Z6xx line and before uses the same keys, but I think HP wised up in later models.
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    HGST Helium 10TB SATA $110

    I don't see this firmware version anywhere on a Google search. I wonder where it came from.
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    [WTB] HP Z620 side panel key

    HP doesn't have a specific part number for the key because it's not in much demand, seeing as you get two with each machine. I will likely end up going with a locksmith, but I figured if anybody had a spare (which I could even borrow, as after you unlock, it stays unlocked, but still latched)...
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    [WTB] HP Z620 side panel key

    OK, so this one is a little weird. I have inherited a lab full of these boxes, and can't get inside because the side panel comes with an integrated cylindrical key lock. According to various sources around the Internet, all these locks use the same key. As a matter of fact, every Z6xx is the...
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    Free virtualization OS

    VMUG has cheap licenses for vCenter, as long as it's not for business production. In other words, you can use it for your home lab as long as you aren't making money from it, even though you might consider it as "production".
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    520 byte drives, weird behavior formatted as 512

    I had some HGST He drives that had EMC firmware (CLAR in the disk name) on them. badblocks ran about 5% slower on TrueNAS SCALE, but about 30% slower on TruNAS Core (both latest versions). But, dd and fio are about 10% faster on the EMC drives on TrueNAS SCALE. I don't know what usage pattern is...
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    New Homeserver built: TrueNAS Scale with PLEX, HA, NC: Hardware recommendations for SFF?

    The P3700 used are your best bet for cheap, as they have very low latency, 10 DWPD endurance, and more than fast enough speed to handle a 10Gbps network link. The used ones I bought had less than 100TB written, out of a endurance spec of over 28000 TB. You don't need SLOG unless you have a lot...