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    Brocade ICX6610 Licence Recovery

    I try to website and chat with their support. they could help to send me back my icx switch 10g port license.
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    Open Box Supermicro SYS-E300-9D-4CN8TP for $532

    I suggest get HPE DL20 Gen10 or MicroServer Gen10 Plus
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    Microserver Gen10 Plus - iLO shared port for free

    so great! new microserver gen10 plus in the DHL packets.
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    HP 10Gb MLX 1P SFP+ CX3 ALOM Adapter FW update?

    C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\hpcx3>flint -d mt4099_pci_cr0 query Image type: FS2 FW Version: 2.40.5000 FW Release Date: 27.10.2016 Rom Info: version_id=0 type=CLP Device ID: 4099 Description: Node Port1...
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    HGST HUS726060AL5210 HDD Firmware update add5

    I get a used HDD HGST HUS726060AL5210 with fw ver :A519. No smart info. I search forums and cisco website or supermirco web. I get the least ver fw ADD5.bin First I use LSI 9400 HBA card and windows server OS storcli64 command to update the HDD fw follow by cisco website hdd fw upgrade guide...
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    Info on LSI SAS3408? Got myself a 530-8i on eBay...

    run storcli /c0 show ,check card info version
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    Updating the HGST HDD & SSD firmware

    I get a used hus726060al5210 SAS HDD , but fw only 0519, couldn't read smart info , could you share the fw again. The gofile link show no file.
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    HP 10Gb MLX 1P SFP+ CX3 ALOM Adapter FW update?

    I only have the current fw from nvidia website.
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    HP 10Gb MLX 1P SFP+ CX3 ALOM Adapter FW update?

    I export the config ini from the CX3 682625-001 card, and use it create new bin file with 2.40.5000 fw , so I could flash 2.10 to 2.40 fw to this card.
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    HP 10Gb MLX 1P SFP+ CX3 ALOM Adapter FW update?

    mst status MST devices: ------------ mt4099_pci_cr0 mt4099_pciconf0 1. Save basic info such as GUIDs, MACs, etc.: Code: flint -d <device> query full > flint_query.txt 2. Save low-level flash chip info: Code: flint -d...
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    HPE FlexibleLOM cards in full height PCIe slots

    nice thing. But I just get new HPE server with FLOM slot and 10G 560FLR card~!
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    HP 10Gb MLX 1P SFP+ CX3 ALOM Adapter FW update?

    I get new toy is the HP CX3 FLOM card, it was from HPE Gen8 server. I put it in the my homelab DL20 G10 unit flom slot, it show up and fw current is 2.10.2350, I check the Mellanox website the MCX311 or MCX341 fw is 2.42.5000. I try to update fw ,but I search this part model from...
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    Anyone know if the HPE ProLiant DL20 Gen9 Server Requires Udimms with ECC ?

    when you use the E3 cpu, it should work with ECC only memory. not the Reg-ECC memory. not RD LD memory normally the memory lab will end like ED2 ,EE1 . Reg-ECC memory end with RD1 RD2
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    LFF bays on HP DL20 Gen10

    to add nvme to DL20 gen10 , you could direct insert nvme m.2 card to m2 slot. it was option direct use the m2 slot to install nvme card only or use other ILO+COM+nvme 3to1 card. I use 4sff mode Gen10