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    EU 144 x Supermicro MCP-220-00075-0B 3,5" HDD Caddy / Tray @ ~ 2,5€ / Pice

    If you need multiple Supermicro Caddy´s this might be interesting at roughly 2,5€ per caddy. 144x Supermicro mcp-220-00075-0b 3.5 Zoll Hot-Swap Black Gen 5.5 HDD Tray Caddys | eBay
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    Looking for a Chassis with 24 x 3.5" drvies 6G SATA/SAS backplane.

    846 With 3gbs Expander Backplane witch you can change fo a newer one. This one has Older PSUs. SuperMicro CSE846 X8DTE-F Rev. 2.0 NO CPU NO RAM is without Radiator | eBay 846 with 6GBs Expander backplane and 80 Plus Gold PSUs: SuperMicro SC846E16-R1200B/6GBs SAS Expander/4U/24Bay...
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    Looking for a Chassis with 24 x 3.5" drvies 6G SATA/SAS backplane.

    Of course you would not by these chassis new. You can get them way cheaper on the used marked.
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    Looking for a Chassis with 24 x 3.5" drvies 6G SATA/SAS backplane.

    Hi, the best choice would be a Supermicro Chassis if you ask me. (The 846 in your case)
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    Supermicro 847 WIO Motherboard Options

    Hi the best solution would be to get a New rear Window/ Panel for normal Low Profile Cards. Otherwise you will have to change the Riser and or the Rear Panel for any bigger System Upgrade. Part Number schould be: MCP-240-82506-0N
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    EU NETGEAR SmartSwitch ProSafe S3300 10Gb @ 80€ // Sold out

    Hi, i have just found this Netgear S3300 for next to nothing. The Seller also has a GS752TXS for the same price. NETGEAR SmartSwitch ProSafe S3300 10Gb | eBay
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    EU [UK] Supermicro X11SSV-M4F £215

    This Board retails near 1000€;)
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    Supermicro Bios Password / Softlayer

    Hello, unfortuanatly not.
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    Old Supermicro 846 chassis owners rejoice! old style rack rails are here $50 + S&H

    If someone still needs these Old Rails for 17€!! + Shipping: SuperMicro Rack-Mount-Kit X7DBE/X6DHE Rechts und Links 01-SC83614-XX00C003 MCP-290-00014-00 The Seller is Locatet in Germany.
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    Supermicro Bios Password / Softlayer

    i have tried this. Bootet a Ubuntu ISO and ran the comment: sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/nvram bs=1 the curser Blinked and i rebootet but the PW is still there unfortuanatly.
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    Supermicro Bios Password / Softlayer

    Hi, i have bought a Supermicro System whitch has a Bios Password set. I already Contactet Supermicro to get some help on this but the Mainboart is a OEM production for softlayer so there is no chance getting the Bios image from Supermicro to flash it. Of course i did alreayd try a Cemos reset...
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    sm 2u chassis w 826-TQ , will a sas2-826el1 fit??

    as lomg as the SAS2 Backplane comes with the mettal frame it should fit just fine.
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    EU SUPERMICRO - Motherboard X11SSL-CF @ 126€

    Only one availible: Super Micro SUPERMICRO Motherboard MBD-X11SSL-CF-O B-Ware
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    Just a quick reminder what Shipping can do...

    Thats realy interesting. If the original Box of the Chassis issent enought how are these servers have to be Packaged.... likely the only Saver way than the original Box would be on pallet so the shipping companys cant throught or drop the systems so easaly. This system came in aftermarket...
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    Just a quick reminder what Shipping can do...

    The system took a major fall or hit in fact so hard that the SC846 is now bend on the Back side. (Not just the rear window i mean the compleat chassis like 3-5mm from right to left) The impact was so hard that the back fans brocke the mouting poinst and gave the plastik airduct free. My...