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    Intel Xeon E5-2670 Deal and Price Tracking

    Ahh, the bitter taste of regret. I suspect from here on out this will match the E5-2670 rush a while back, and I don’t expect the prices to go down again. Although a bit part would be how many E5-2670 v2 processors were put in service by the hyper scale crowd - anyone happen to know if that’s...
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    Mellanox MCX311A-XCAT 10 Gigabit Ethernet PCIe Adapter Card ConnectX-3 CX311A $12 obo + $15 Shipping

    I’ve found they’re almost always (well, I am sure there would be an exception but I am yet to find it) M3 machine screws with a pan head (same as 2.5” HDD, SSD, ODD, etc.) at a length of 5mm for add in cards of this kind (NIC, RAID, HBA etc.) Just don’t try to slam a countersunk M3 screw in...
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    eBay 10% Off Tech PSHOPTECH10

    I definitely still see them, but I’ve noticed they tend to have a cluster of two or three in the space of a few weeks, then none for a couple of months.
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    Amazon warehouse deals pricing error? Buffalo terastation 5410 incl 16tb

    I feel you mate, those seven little words have caused me a hell of a lot of frustration at times - most notably when I thought that I had already ticked the Ship to Australia box so there’s momentary excitement, hooray! And then hopes dashed, the realisation. Sigh.
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    eBay 10% Off Tech PSHOPTECH10

    Yeah, have noticed the same on eBay AU, the “selected sellers” that take part raise prices either shortly before the “sale” [ALWAYS price check with outlets you know to have good prices] or always have prices so high that the sale still has them higher than other outlets.