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    Cisco 3k NX-OS config

    So you’ll want to just add the vlans to the ports by doing: conf t int gix/x switchport mode trunk Switchport trunk allowed vlan add 1,200 Switchport trunk native vlan 1 - that last one im a bit in doubt about, long time since i’v done a trunk port with native vlan on a Cisco box and Then for...
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    ESXi w/VLANs, HP 1810-24g trunk home network questions

    i used Them extensively around 10 years ago in a dorm network.. the vlan part is just a pita.. i did exactly what others are talking about - put Down vlan 1 and dont use it, and Then use tagged vlans out untill you hit your access ports. keep the firmware updated, iirc that helped our stability...
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    Gone - 3.84TB Micron 5100 ECO SATA SSD - $250 OBO (eBay)

    Damn.. steal! :)
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    What happened to the forums?

    This........ im so confused!
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    EU WTB 10GBase-T low profile NIC

    Shoot me a pm with some details and lets see if we can make it work :)
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    EU WTB 10GBase-T low profile NIC

    Hi Looking for the mentioned, anyone happen to be selling one in EU (Denmark even better)?
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    EU FS: Cisco, HP switches and accessories

    dont happen to have any C3KX-NM-10G modules?
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    Startech DP KVM Switchbox + Acer Predator + 1070ti card = 24hz

    Hi guys Long story short is that I installed a startech sv231dpddua Displayport kvm switch to be able to switch between my desktop (Geforce 1070ti output) and my Lenovo laptop with a thinkpad hybrid usb-c dock. Its working perfectly on the thinkpad dock and both monitors (Acer predator 1440p...
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    Ebay Seller - Lenovo SA120 w/o sleds for $180 + Shipping

    Why isnt this .eu :( need one of these!
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    Dual Xeon-D

    I say snag one and find out @Patrick ! :)
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    can anyone confirm that these are compatible with sm x10sdv boards? need to replace some that @sonicz stole from me :)
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    EU Juniper ex3300 24 poe+

    only .uk citizens eligble?
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    Amazon Deal of the Day CyberPower OR700LCDRM1U & OR1500LCDRM1U

    If so, i do apoligize - I saw "ref=" in the link and made an assumption. Too many places people poste ref links without making a notice of it.
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    Anyone build or house a server rack under their basement stairs?

    I run two 120mm fans off the top exhausts in my wallmount rack, Then run it through a flex tube to vent under my stairs.. anyway. If you Can enclose all exhaust, get a ventilation system flex muffler that dampens the Sound.. that should help on the exhaust part of the setup