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    Adding PCIe/M.2 SSD to DL180 G6

    If you are looking to boot from the drive, its out of the question for the G6. I have seen operating systems detect and use m.2 drives on PCIE 2.0 (hit or miss on some boards), but you wont get anywhere near the speeds the drive may advertise. As far as the adapter, just use something that works...
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    DRAM less SSD for ZIL

    If PLP is something you are looking for check out the (SM953 $60). I just ordered 6 of them from that seller and all had minimal usage (~1800-1900 power on hours, and only <100GB written)
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    RHEL8 VDO NAS Performance

    I have though about NUMA but I need to get into the BIOS to change some tings there. The CPU is looking like the likely culprit, and possibly the 1333Mhz RAM. Unfortunately the onboard 2308 is not playing nice with RHEL8 so for the moment I have an HP H240 in the chassis connected to the SAS...
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    RHEL8 VDO NAS Performance

    In case it helps, kicked off a clone of a VM on one of the servers. The drives are capable of much high speeds than 384MB/s per drive. You can see the CPU spike when data is incoming.
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    RHEL8 VDO NAS Performance

    VDO - A look at VDO, the new Linux compression layer Similar (I know its different) to XFS file system compression/dedupe. The VDO is on a software raid. Im not concerned about the 24x2TB array (typo), thats just general file storage. Im trying to see if anyone knows about the mechanism behind...
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    RHEL8 VDO NAS Performance

    I just built a 'custom' NAS using RHEL8 in a CSE-216 chassis. Hardware is: 2x2630L v2 96GB PC3-10600R Supermicro X9DRD-7LN4F-JBOD 8x1TB BX500 (Raid5) **Will be scaled to 2x24TB** 3x480GB SM953 (Raid5) ** Currently adding 3 more once they arrive** NFS and SMB are working great but I am curious...
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    [US]8GB/4GB-PC3 8500/10600R

    Selling inventory as follows: [$12/ea] 72x8GB PC3-10600R [$8/ea] 60x4GB PC3-10600R [$10/ea] 44x8GB PC3-8500R [$12/ea] 48x8GB PC3-10600R (no heatsink) *price flexible in bulk USPS flat rate shipping from MD
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    Is WSUS broken on Windows 10 / Server 2016?

    So we recently had to setup a Server2016/Windows10 WSUS server at my job. It took a littl ework but there were 2 things I noticed. First off, group policy seemed to not work. We had to Set the servers information via regedit...
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    Server 2016 ISO

    This really is a last-ditch attempt and I do not know if I should be asking this here. Just to clarify, I am NOT asking for pirated software. I have licenses for Windows 2008 - 2016 from my colleges subscription to onthehub. Recently, I lost my ISO archive. I know that I can download the...
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    Supermicro MB w/ USB issue

    Well this has been debunked. I broke out some jumper cables from the raspberry pi box collecting dust and wired the adapter to the motherboard with the USB data+ and data- wires reversed. Detected the drive perfectly and loaded ESX without a hitch. The strange thing is that the manual shows that...
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    Supermicro MB w/ USB issue

    The thpught had crossed my mind. The adapters seemed to work fine in my desktop (header to usb port to m.2) I was thinking that maybe the ports on the motherboard were wired differently? Maybe the d+ and d- were reversed? Though I havent seen anything like that. Definately gonna teat tomorrow.
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    Supermicro MB w/ USB issue

    I understand that. I am more curious of why this would be happening.
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    Supermicro MB w/ USB issue

    I recently purchased some X9DRD-LF systems. I have got them fully updated and am using an m.2 to USB SATA adapter as a boot device. I had the devices attached to the external USB ports and they are operational as a boot device for ESX. (much better than USB flash drive performance) I finally got...
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    Dell C6100 4 node 24 bay

    I am not expecting to get this to disappear from my basement but I am looking for a good home for my old C6100. She is still fully functional but I have down sized and consolidated my systems over the months and now have no use for this server. I will baseline the servers prior to sale. 24 hard...