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    Docker on PhotonOS?

    I'm now running unRAID with containers but I'm very interested how ESXi this does...
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    Planning on building a homelab

    Thanks TuxDude for clarifying I misunderstood this. This confirms that I have very little knowledge of ESXi... Is it possible with VMware Fusion (Mac user) to play a bit with ESXi? I know its possible with VMware workstation.
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    Domain name registrar - any recomendations

    Namecheap user too!
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    Planning on building a homelab

    Hi Robert thank you for your explanation/comment! Yeah indeed I read on Tweakers that there is option for a VMUG license. Good to know if you choose the ESXi route. One of the things I dislike about ESXi is that you need a VM with vSphere for licensing. Licensing okay but why using a VM? If...
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    Planning on building a homelab

    Hi, I'm starting a new project I want to build a home lab where I want to virtualize most stuff. Probably I'm going to buy new hardware and use the Xeon D platform. Also I want to upgrade my network. I'm considering Ubiquiti network gear. I already have UAP AC Pro and it does it's job okay...