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    ASUS Z10PA-D8 - Dual Socket 2011-3

    We bought two of these boards a month ago and tested them, they worked great and accepted dual Xeon V4 even before bios updates. We decided to move ahead and buy nine more boards, the shipment of course was drama but the boards survived. Now to the real issue None of these accepted a single...
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    Looking for short depth front access chassis

    Dear STH members For a project I am looking for 1U ATX capable short depth front acces server chassis, I have found some interesting products already but nothing exactly what I am looking for. Preferably full front acces, so power as well ATX to SSI CEB capable Chassis only preffered 2 or...
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    ASUS Z10PA-D8 - Dual Socket 2011-3

    Bought two of these, will see how it goes.
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    Xeon e-2100 availability?

    Birds have told me they moved the launch a couple of months because off the 14nm shortages. These and the embedded parts being relatively volume for Intel they are on the low priority parts list, where laptop, desktop and scalable are on the high priority list. These Xeon E and Xeon M parts are...
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    Question about E5 2697 v2

    Supermicro power settings make no sense at all, our x10 and x11 boards run hotter, faster and higher power idle at the efficiency setting then at the disabled setting. The high power setting basically takes 25% off the single core score and in geekbench and adds about 5% to the multi core...
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    Database tool of CPU performance/power consumption

    Hey, so where does my company sign up for that service? We could really benefit from that as we are currently always having to deal with suppliers for samples and long lead times in order to bench hardware. Can we PM about this?
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    Database tool of CPU performance/power consumption

    Any news on the bench updates? It seems like there is no good tool to actually compare performance for compute based workloads out there, you guys could really make an impact with this. Possibly let people compare their own hardware to the benchmark article so they can compare better. One...
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    EU AIC ARA Motherboard (FCLGA1150, RTX, C226) - Less than 10EUR/piece!

    So, got the 5 in, 4/5 were broken, bent pins, bent boards.. maybe 1 works... got my money back though
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    Intel Xeon E-2176G Benchmarks and Review Major Performance Upgrade

    CPU compute loads don't actually need PCI-e lanes, dual channel memory is a more valid argument depending on workload.
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    Intel Xeon E-2176G Benchmarks and Review Major Performance Upgrade

    How about using these as compute nodes in a Kubernetes cluster? 5-10 to possibly 21GB ram per core isn't that shabby. And the cost/performance is allot higher then the scalable lineup. Even higher the AMD Epyc in most workloads. Any downsides to using this versus a dual 4114 system besides Ram?
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    Inventec dual 2011-3 boards 90$

    Saw these listed, anyone have more information about these? Or any experience with the brand? They seem to be CEB but with a very different io setup. Inventec System Board Dual LGA 2011-3 Socket Motherboard B800GF0 | eBay
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    EU AIC ARA Motherboard (FCLGA1150, RTX, C226) - Less than 10EUR/piece!

    Would it be possible to just take 2x pci-e 16x connectors and solder those together as a way to make a female to female connector, and then insert a normal riser cable on the other end? Or would the signal losses over multiple connectors be to great?
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    EU AIC ARA Motherboard (FCLGA1150, RTX, C226) - Less than 10EUR/piece!

    Just snagged these last ones up, will see what I can do with these. First thing will just be a storage server for the home, they have plenty of sata ports. Found female to female adapters, but the price is no good: 16x Female To 16x Female Angled Extender Cord , Pci E X16 To X16 Riser...
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    Asrocks new C2750 & C2550 boards (12 SATA ports and IPMI).

    And a totally weird request that i do not expect you guys to do at all but will still ask. Those mobo's are the only ones so far with the 8 core atom chips and at higher clock speeds than the normal atom chips, no1 else seems to review these chips and to me it seems very interesting to see how...