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    Wake on LAN isn't OS-independant?

    Generally the issue w/ Windows 10 WOL is hybrid sleep. After changing the settings in the registry, WOL works perfectly. Even if the PC is powered off. Been 6 months and updates have never had any affect on it...
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    Do quiet high pressure fans for a home server exist?

    Quiet and high flow don't really go hand in hand. But the larger the fans and the larger the heatsinks you can fit will be the best bet. Stick w/ name brand fans and set lower fan curves in the bios if possible.
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    Ruckus R500 for $50 or maybe an offer for 3x R500 for $40 each

    I really like my R500. Although I have an issue where my ESP32s won't stay connected to it.
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    Fusion-io 3.2 TB PCI-E ioScale Internal SSD

    I've had a 1.3TB ioScale working in Windows for years w/o issue. You need to create an account @ WD. After that you can download the drivers. Login Template Title
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    IBM M1015 controller cooler update

    I'd assume the M5015 has the same size heatsink. If so then a 30mm fan is mounts perfectly using existing holes.
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    Ruckus R700 BO $90 accepted

    Anyone know how loud the ZD1100 is? I can't find if it is passive or not.
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    EU Fusion-IO 3.2TB - A condition, 20+ available £184.20.

    If you are sure your motherboard provides 75W to the PCIe slots you can force it to pull the power from the slot. Most desktop/workstation boards should provide 75W to the slot. I've used these cards in 5 motherboards and it all of them had to be forced. fio-config -p...
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    Fusion-io ioDrive 2 1.2TB Reference Page

    I've noticed I have tens of thousands of fio-msrv entries in Event Viewer, almost every single second I get the following sqlite_mobj_connection: sqlite_write_stmt.execute(): SQL error on statement 'update mobj_2 set...
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    Does a M.2 PCI-E 2.0 x4 work in a M.2 PCI-E 3.0 x4 slot?

    Interesting yet odd. The controller that SSD uses is a PCIe 3.0 controller. There hasn't been any m.2 slots on a motherboard tied to a PCIe 2.0 controller. PCIe 3.0 was around well before NVMe / m.2 slots were a thing. Either way all PCIe devices are backwards compatible. A PCIe 1.0 device will...
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    Does a M.2 PCI-E 2.0 x4 work in a M.2 PCI-E 3.0 x4 slot?

    There was no PCIe 2.0 M.2. If the drive you have isn't SATA m.2 then its PCIe 3.0
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    Dell T7600 ES workstation w/ re-programmable bios

    The E5 Xeons have their bclk ratio locked. So the only way to overclock them is to increase the bclk frequency, which would also increase the PCIe frequency. Anything over about a 3-4% overclock and the system will start to lose stability. Also the listing doesn't exist now it seems. EDIT...
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    Fusion-io ioDrive II - 1.2TB+ drives , 0.09 or 0.08/GB

    I bought ioXtreme @ release and still have it, but I never saw such a firmware for it. Actually the firmware was always old. I'd still use it if I could. But it only works w/ the old 2.x driver while my other cards use 3.x.
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    Fusion-io ioDrive II - 1.2TB+ drives , 0.09 or 0.08/GB

    Doing updates is risky if using it as an SLOG. If the drivers gets unloaded because its no longer compatible w/ the kernel the pools disappear. Thankfully after rebuilding the drivers and rebooting the pools came back for me. It was very scary tho. But in the future if I ever do any updates on...
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    Fusion-io ioDrive II - 1.2TB+ drives , 0.09 or 0.08/GB

    Not low power. If your PCIe slot can can only deliver 25W, your write speeds will be throttled. So power draw is somewhere between 25W and 75W if its in 75W mode. You should be able to build drivers for ubuntu, debian, proxmox, and redhat.
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    cylinder light workstation (or router/firewall) with 3D printer

    Modeled it all yourself? I think its awesome.