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    Budget Wifi6 APs

    Looking at replacing my two older APs with a WiFi 6 capable AP. Currently have a Ruckus R500 + an UBNT AP-AC-PRO. Would have ditched the AP-AC-PRO but I have issues w/ ESPHome ESP32s + the Ruckus. And now the Ruckus is dropping every client randomly until I reboot it. I live in a small single...
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    Radian RMS-200 $99/OBO

    Using a ramdisk for an SLOG is useless. SLOG = second intent log. There is already an intent log being written to ram. An SLOG is just a backup in case of power loss. But enabling it slows the LOG to the speed of the SLOG. With the above solution you get near DRAM level of performance for an...
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    SFP+ to 10Gbase-T Adapters - Running at 2.5G?

    From my comment on the YT video. Also I don't know if the Mitrotik actually performs better. I haven't seen anyone test it. The Aquantia AQS-107 supports 2.5/5G but it is EOL so buying a genuine one will be pricey. There are some 2.5G capable regular SPF transceivers. Haven't tested them...
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    Mix 10G 2.5G, slow speed, high Retr

    4Gbit I believe. TP Link sells a 2.5G one in China. I've seen other generic ones available.
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    Mix 10G 2.5G, slow speed, high Retr

    I've had the same issues. I ended up just using 10GbE or 1GbE. I have seen some 2.5G SFP (not +). Anyone know if these work?
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    storage gold rush?

    You could still run like 3 or so plots at a time w/ 1TB of ram.
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    Need advice for: USB C M.2 SATA enclosure

    I bought a Orico from Aliexpress for about $23 CAD (~$18USD). The 10Gbps version uses an RTL9210.
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    Fusion-io ioDrive 2 1.2TB Reference Page

    So you are currently booting off the ioDrive 2? Have you performed an unsafe shutdown to see how it handles it?
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    3D Printed Open Mid Tower

    Width would be pretty easy to fix if you don't need a massive heatsink and 180mm fans.
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    Making a 10G SFP+ switch Nbase-T capable?

    I do believe its the transceiver that negotiates the link speed, not the switch itself.
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    Making a 10G SFP+ switch Nbase-T capable?

    There has been a bunch of testing here by members of these modules to see if they could work @ 2.5/5G. And AFAIK none actually perform well at these speeds. I tried the Ipolex module, and there are others who have tried a number of the other modules. I was getting insane amount of retries. I...
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    3D Printed Open Mid Tower

    No problem.
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    3D Printed Open Mid Tower

    Actual print time was maybe a day or two. Not including reprints. Designing and post processing though, took hundreds of hours. Everything was printed on a Prusa MK3S w/ a few mods.
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    3D Printed Open Mid Tower

    Build’s Name: The Crippled God (from a book series) Operating System/ Storage Platform: Windows 10 CPU: AMD 5800X Motherboard: Asus Prime X570-Pro Video Card: MSI RTX 3070 Ventus OC 3X Chassis: Custom Drives: 2 x 256GB Samsung 950 Pro. FusionIO 2.4TB ioDrive Duo + 1.3TB ioScale. FusionIO's...
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    Ryzen w/ DDR4 Ecc unbuffered

    There were a few guys testing ECC on different AMD4 Ryzen boards over on the Hardware Canucks forum. ECC seems to work on some boards, but the errors are never reported to the OS.