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    How to Change Margins In Google Docs?

    There is no need to create a topic for that. First Google result:
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    Asus wifi firewall passing outside packets to inside network?

    Is UPnP enabled on the router?
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    Asus KNPA-U16 with Rome 7502 QS does not boot

    I think a little more information about the system would help. You mention a voltage issue with the SOC(CPU) but we dont know what PSU you have or how the other values are. What other troubleshooting steps have you taken? I usually boot the system without memory to see if it gives any sign of...
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    Stacker cheap server cluster with 3 Asus Z9PH-D16's

    Is that what you are looking for? 12v is pretty tolerant iirc. 11-13v should be just fine and I doubt its a power issue. Not that uncommon to be honest. Its just 2 8pin EPS connectors, PWR_OK, PS_ON and +5v STB. I got both nodes working with the HP PSU and adapter board with a custom cable and...
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    Need help power wise I guess this is what you are looking for. 12v output from POE++ and should be able to do 70W+. Dont really know about availability in...
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    Stacker cheap server cluster with 3 Asus Z9PH-D16's

    Hmm that should be fine and it should boot with just that. From the very very rare cases, I've seen it was a dead CPU but I don't know. I think you could go a long way with flashing the IPMI just like some people did with the SM boards because this one is not that different. I'd say create a...
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    Stacker cheap server cluster with 3 Asus Z9PH-D16's That was the heatsink I bought. But any narrow ILM 2011 heatsink should fit no issues. 450w should be just fine. Im currently powering the board off of an 8p cpu connector and boots just fine. Are you sure you got your pinout right...
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    EU Meraki MR52 29,90€ (gone)

    You got a good chance its labeled conn18 on the right of the board. Should be 4pin UART. You could check power and gnd with a multimeter, should be on the outside iirc.
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    EU Meraki MR52 29,90€ (gone)

    Aaaah you are the guy behind that blog?! I've read it before, great work! I was about to make an offer of me buying you one to see if you could get it to run but I see they are sold out already :L.
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    Stacker cheap server cluster with 3 Asus Z9PH-D16's

    Thanks :D Might be a good idea but I dont think I'll need them. I plan on covering the sides, and I have not yet decided on size but I think I'll be running 2 nice 80mm Delta's in the front. I hope its enough and temps so far seem to be stable. And I dont really have anything high workload...
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    Stacker cheap server cluster with 3 Asus Z9PH-D16's

    Been some time ago since I posted here but as of lately I have been browsing here more often and getting back into enterprise toys. I have been out for some time because work kind of sucked the joy out of things, but after some school projects I caught myself looking on eBay and the likes more...
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    EU Meraki MR52 29,90€ (gone)

    Owh damn thats an awesome deal, shame they do indeed need a license. No mention anywhere of MR52 and the word "mod", "hack" or "openwrt".
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    Huawei S5720-32X - a great 40 gbe QSFP switch for 650 USD?

    S5720-32X-EI-AC Looks to be like it. 1gig + 10gig + 40gig in the same switch is pretty weird though :P
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    Quanta LB8

    I have nothing to add regarding the switch, but if you are going to load the bootloader through JTAG please let me know how and what you do. I have a dead switch sitting here also with a dead bootloader and the only way I can fix it is through JTAG but I feel like im in over my head and have no...
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    Intel P4000 Series Chassis, do other motherboards work?

    I own one and im pretty sure they just take different io shields. Im not to sure about the mobo's though. I think the wr2600cr is just a standard form factor so it would be fine fitting something of the same size but I have no idea if you can add any standoffs to support other mobo's.