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    Eaton managed PDU (208V) $120 NIB

    Just a note: this three-phase PDU is metered but not "managed" like the single-phase one which the post was started about. I don't know which features are omitted on "metered" PDUs - possibly it's not switched? And possibly it's not metered-by-outlet? Eaton's website is unfortunately difficult...
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    I have Tesla T4 cards and I don't know what to do with them

    As long as they actually work, I wouldn't need a warranty or anything. Just a guarantee that they aren't DOA.
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    I have Tesla T4 cards and I don't know what to do with them

    I'd buy them from you, but not for the insanely high price they market for :-) (they're useful to us, but marginally so - more power efficient than a K40/M40, and only waste a single slot, but really slow at DP, which we use, so it's a trade-off).
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    WTB 2.5" 15K Hard Drives & e5 V4 series dual CPU

    What size 15k hard drives?
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    storage gold rush?

    Why does it need to generate 1.8TBW to write 100GB?
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    storage gold rush?

    Yeah this is sadly going to make buying used enterprise SSDs a very risky proposition :/ Crypto is literally destroying all the good things. Put another way, crypto seems to be Capitalism's Achilles heel.
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    Eaton managed PDU (208V) $120 NIB

    Agreed and to my viewpoint, it's really all disadvantages except using less copper - except in exceptional circumstances, I'd prefer 240V for higher PSU efficiency. But those exceptions do exist - e.g. in my building we have 480V input like you mentioned, and if I wanted to add more power to my...
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    Eaton managed PDU (208V) $120 NIB

    I think you mean 120V three phase (not 208V three phase)? 208V is what you get when you combine the hot wires from any two of the three 120V phases. I guess we should speak technically because that's simpler - something like 208Y/120V.
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    40gb nic split to 4 10G port ?dream come to true ?

    I suspect all of these with a QSFP28 port are the exact same physical hardware card, so cross-flashing should work if it is permitted (like it is in Mellanox firmware tools). I wouldn't be too shy about just literally grabbing 100% of the 100G firmware and flashing that without double-checking...
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    QLogic FastLinQ QL45000 Series 100GbE Controller on Windows 10?

    Hi All, Does anyone know whether recent QLogic drivers are able to work on Windows 10? Typically drivers are fairly compatible between Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016/2019 (e.g. Mellanox drivers work fine) - but QLogic appears to fail to start in qebdrv: Device...
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    Eaton managed PDU (208V) $120 NIB

    Since actual computer power supplies run on single phase, 3-phase is really only "good" for a few things for an end-user: 1. Saving on wiring - you can run more current through a smaller gauge wire / less copper. 2. Redundancy - if you lose just one phase you still have some operational...
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    HP DL580 Gen10 Quad Gold 6230 256GB Ram for $11567 in CDW Outlet

    I don't think it's a good deal at all. Even at this highly discounted price, the performance and power usage are both worse than two socket Epyc systems and similar to older 4 socket Xeon systems, both of which cost less.
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    Finally: Overclocking EPYC Rome ES

    These aren't just any old CPUs...
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    Official GeForce Passthrough coming?

    This is exciting (though have also invested heavily in Tesla/etc. cards in the meanwhile when this was not possible, so it's less exciting than it would have been a couple of years ago!)