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    EU FS: Home lab: Server (2 x C6100), HDD, switches.

    Thanks, no more white night in the lab. But little baby white night are back :)
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    EU FS: Home lab: Server (2 x C6100), HDD, switches.

    Hello everyone, I sell a big part of my lab at home. I'm father for the second time, and I have no more time and space for all this material. I don't have any idea of the current market price, so I put all in auction format without reserve price. - Global ...
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    C6100 strange issue: node different behavior in different enclosure

    I have the same idea, but I boot the same OS and the same node. Only the chassi is changing. I have also sweped the PSU and put 2 PSU in the "bad" node = no changes. Have you a clue where I can look in the chassi?
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    Dell C6100 XS23-TY3 Firmware Updated

    Hi Patrick, take care with those update. I have done these a week ago and notice no issue until 2 days. I don't know if those update ere the source of the issue that I have on 1 of my 2 enclosure. Check here, I just have opened a new thread here...
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    C6100 strange issue: node different behavior in different enclosure

    Hello, I'm back with my strange things :p I always have 2 C6100 chassis, each with 4 nodes. The L5520 have a cool function, it clock down to save power or it clock up (intel turbo mode) on the high demand. The CPU play with his multiplier to change the CPU core frequency on the fly. Until now...
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    Ram slot popolated scenario + power consumtion c6100

    Hi azev, I have L5520 in mine c6100 and they are running fine with 16gb ram module but the speed is limited to 1066. Check the spec @ page 2 But 1066 looks to be the max speed of L5520 even the server...
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    Dell C6100 XS23-TY3 2U 4-Node (8 CPU) Cloud Server

    Hi Tsmooth3, I actually have attached 6 drives to one node. If I want to power the 3 first tray I power the 1st node. But if I wan to power the extra 3 tray I need to power the second node. Could you explain your backplane power setup with your 12 try. How do you power them in one time ?
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    How many spares for C6100 to cover 1 year ?.

    Take a look at google stat Google spotlights data center inner workings | News Blogs - CNET News and Google?s Disk Failure Experience They are using consumer component and not server parts, then it's important to extrapolate to C6100 coponent. For me it depend of the componenet types. In a...
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    New Member looking for server/budget build for Email Archiving

    For the server, we love C6100 in sale here at 799$ The Server Store Check a review on this site : Dell PowerEdge C6100 XS23-TY3 Cloud Server - 2U 4 Node 8 Sockets - STH Take a look at the forum for user experience. The whole STH infrastructure is running on C6100 :-)
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    DOM vs cheap SSD vs USB vs PXE

    If you want to make cought surfing to Belgium I will share my c6100 with pleasure ;-)
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    Taming the C6100

    A question to those who have change there origiginal fan. Do you notice a significant difference on power consumtion?
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    C6100 extender board USB

    Do you believe it could be easyer to connect an eUSB like this ATP Electronics, Inc. > Products > eUSB SSD TheBay mention this in this threath
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    DOM vs cheap SSD vs USB vs PXE

    I am ok for USB or eUSB with slc. Good tips with the irq, seriously on modern system I always doesn't care but I will now :-) Do you believe that the eUSB shown by TheBay coul directly plugged in the internal USB port discovered on the c6100 like discuss in this post...
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    C6100 fan always at full speed without any load

    Thanks all for your feedback! I have investigated deper and have done those thinks: Chassi 1 BIOS : 1,69 -> 1,70 = ok Chassi 2 BIOS : 1,69 -> 1,70 = ok Chassi 1 ESM/BMC : 1,29 -> 1,30 = ok Chassi 2 ESM/BMC : 1,29 -> 1,30 = ok Chassi 1 PIC/FBC : 1,16 -> 1,18 -> 1,20 = ok Chassi 2 PIC/FBC ...
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    Ram slot popolated scenario + power consumtion c6100

    Hi all, I have made a test who surprised me with his impact. I actualy have 2 C6100 with all node @ 24Gb (12 x 2Gb). I recently buy 4 x 16Gb and I have replaced the 12 x 2 by 4 x 16 for an extra amount of 40Gb of ram. When I compare the two configuration with a wattmeter at the wall plug and...