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    64 Cores of EPYC Goodness

    Right I have fans on the top of the case for exhaust. One in the rear and I still have to connect the front intake. I can still squeeze in a 3rd Fan on top.
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    64 Cores of EPYC Goodness

    I have all 8 slots filled with 3200 ram. With the 128 it's as above the 65K. If I OC the Proc My CPU Mark score actually drops by around 12K. That's with @ExecutableFix utility. But an OC Does improve the CB R20 Score to 23K. I solved this with SM's IPMIConfig utility.
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    My fully portable AMD Ryzen 3950X Workstation Build Complete

    Would you run some benches please? CB R20, Gooseberry Render, and Passmark CPU Mark Score? Thanks...
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    64 Cores of EPYC Goodness

    UPDATE: Added 6 sticks of DDR4 3200 Mhz RDIMMs i was waiting on From Ebay. The Nemix RAM was a bust didn't work so sent that back to Amazon. Now at 128 gigs ram. Running 10 Ent. Cracked 21K on R20 with no OC. Benches with 128 gigs of RAM With just 32 gigs of RAM: CDM for the 1TB...
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    FS: 12TB HGST SATA (cold spare) + Bonus

    Received!. Great seller! fast shipping!
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    Finally: Overclocking EPYC Rome ES

    I have tried Pro 10 and Enterprise. I found that once all the chipset drivers were installed in Ent I have no yellow exclamation marks left in Device Mgr but under Pro one remained. I used these...
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    E5-2678v3 - $90

    Currently seller won't go lower than $95.
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    INTEL XEON E5-2660V3 2.60GHz 10 CORES SR1XR 78.50

    this is the first time i saw them so i thought under 80 for v3 was at least a maybe deal.
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    INTEL XEON E5-2660V3 2.60GHz 10 CORES SR1XR 78.50
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    Do E7-4650 v2 work on a Supermicro dual socket motherboard with C602J chipset?

    The E7s are Are Socket 2011-1 socket Are not compatible with the Xeons we all know and love the E5 Series 2011. It's Not compatible with 602.
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    My new 64 core EPYC workstation ROARS to life!

    yes i did both times EDIT: Solved it. Ended up going back to both displays connected - 27 inch and the LG ultrawide. Set the Ultrawide to be primary. Then i could see Windows had installed its own drivers. Installed Radeon softward which removed Windows drivers and then installed the most current.
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    My new 64 core EPYC workstation ROARS to life!

    First Ent 10, now on Pro 10, 7742 + H11SSL. 7742 from Corsair Force MP600 for OS. RX 580. Installed AMD Chipset drivers both on Ent 10 and Pro 10. Tho I got the 1603 Error on Pro...
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    My new 64 core EPYC workstation ROARS to life!

    Radeon Drivers apparently only install on Pro Not Ent While NVIDIA Works on Ent. Error 1603 now.