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    Colocation for mining

    Probably one of the largest issues with trying to colo mining rigs is that the customers want everything very cheap to maximize their profit, which is fully understandable. However in most facilities, it is not only the cost to power the machines, you have to also factor in the cooling cost as...
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    CCR1036-8G-2S+EM or CCR1072-1G-8S+ If you want MikroTik
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    PDU monitored 36 port L5-20

    Only ones I know of are going to be 240v. I am confused by your statement of: "There are alot of 24 outlet pdus, but that won't support that many servers" Do all of your machines use dual power supplies and you want to plug each power cable from each power supply into the outlets rather than...
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    PDU monitored 36 port L5-20

    Sorry! I am used to APC, where even there "metered" versions have monitoring. I guess that's another good reason to not use Tripp Lite :)
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    PDU monitored 36 port L5-20

    Maybe Tripp Lite -- This one does input L5-20P 1.9kW Single Phase Metered PDU 120V Outlets 36 5 15 20R L5 20P 5 20P adapter 0U Vertical 72 in (PDUMV20-72) | Tripp Lite This one does dual input L5-20P on seperate circuits 3.8kW Single Phase Metered PDU Dual Circuit 120V Outlets 32 5 15 20R L5...
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    Is there Cheap/Affordable Colocation?

    If anyone is interested, I can help on some special STH co-location pricing at my facility in West Virginia. We have direct fiber to Equinix DC2 in Ashburn, VA. I don't want to plug or post too much as I'm not sure of the exact rules for advertising etc. PM me if you would like some details. I...
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    Zoneminder for IP Camera Control?

    The key to CPU performance is to use the cameras to show the overlays, and not use the overlays inside of BlueIris itself, that way it doesn't have to encode. Once you remove the encoding the CPU usage is very low.
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    Zoneminder for IP Camera Control?

    BlueIris all the way, ZoneMinder is terrible.
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    Will turning on my rack trip the Circuit Breakers?

    Please also keep in mind that there is a 80% NEC electrical code that says if the equipment is in use for more than a 3 hours of continuous usage you can only use 80% of the branch circuit rating. For example, if the circuit you are using is 15A you should only load it to 12A, if it is a 20A...
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    Fun toy for a "kid" - this is awesome

    Looks pretty awesome!
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    Plex goes DVR

    I set it up last night on my HDHDR-Prime, simple install just plug in the IP of your device and browse thru the program guide and select what you want to record, and what share you want to put it in. The only thing I don't really like at the moment is there is no live tv function, only DVR, but...
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    recommendations for network managed PDU/power outlet strips?

    You're probably not going to find anything too much better than what you are currently using for the performance, features and price.
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    Hot swap bay screws: I officially dislike them

    I hear you, during manufacturing runs we will build a few hundred servers at a time, and installing screws to hot swap drive trays is the worst. One thing that will help is to at least have a powered screw driver. These guys help out at least a little in terms of time spent: Panasonic...
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    Supermicro HTML5 iKVM arrived

    Praise the lord.