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    Supermicro SuperServer 1028GQ-TXR - Quad Nvidia Tesla P100 16GB SXM2

    Hey STH, Long shot but before i put it on fleeBay i thought i would throw it up here. Came out of focusing on GeForce rather than Tesla's. Supermicro | Products | SuperServers | 1U | 1028GQ-TXR Includes: 2x E5-2620 v4 CPUs 4x Nvidia Tesla P100 16GB SXM2 - NVlink enabled for...
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    SM Backplane swap

    Hey wondering if anyone can shed some light I have a SM with a BPN-SAS3-216A which is faulty, Can a BPN-SAS2-216EB be substituted in? I have no SAS3 drives and its for my homelab, I know the cables will be different but will the backplane fit? Thanks
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    NEW OEM NVIDIA Tesla NVLink P100 SXM2 16GB CoWoS HBM2

    Yeah i did, It took me 1 week of emailing every single seller in the US to get a hold of them. All but 1 actually sold them to me which by Supermicro is not aloud as they need to be sold pre-configured.
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    NEW OEM NVIDIA Tesla NVLink P100 SXM2 16GB CoWoS HBM2

    No such thing exists, I bought 2 of these - SYS-1029GQ-TVRT to put 8 that i bought from this seller, Only certian systems accept SXM2 connectors and there is no PCIe adapters and dont expect them.
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    RTX 2080 TI w. 110Tflops !

    Improvement will be a similar to Titan V performance over a 1080 ti for all software you mentioned, Its all FP32 bound and wont utilise any of the RT, Tensorcore etc. The 2080 ti is 14 tflops, and a 1080 ti is 11tflops so a small bump but it doesnt warrant an upgrade if you all ready have a 1080 ti.
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    RTX 2080 TI w. 110Tflops !

    Expensive for gamers but great for AI, Compared to the $3k Titan V same performance @ 40% of the cost. NVLink unlike the Titan V, Rumors where right and i did not believe that Nvidia would allow NVLink on these.
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    DeepLearning12 NVLink

    Mondays are usually boring.. Not today though! NVLink Time!
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    10x1080ti for rent for deep learning, rendering...

    Except Vectordash took too long, and Vast.AI is up and running in the space.
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    500 trillion int4 tops and 10 grand the new RTX 8000 from Nvidia

    Only NVIDIA can make there 10K GPU obsolete in 8 Months and get away with it. They do it way too often for my liking, Unfortunately i still pay :/ but the space is prime for Competition. Looking forward to Graphcore or similar to come to life and give them a kick in the bum.
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    SFP+ to 10GBASE-T for Dell S4810P

    Hey, Anyone have experience in purchasing some SFP+ converters? Specifically compatible with the Dell S4810P? Would a Cisco module work?
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    Intel NUC Thunderbolt networking for super low-power cluster?

    Linux drivers for thunderbolt a flaky, the driver stated last time i tried last year that it should not be used in production. I know its a home lab but just keep that in mind. The other drawback is only 1 port on each nuc and no Thunderbolt Switch/Hub exists, But you can do direct connect the...
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    DeepLearning12 NVLink

    I cannot find a SXM2 server barebone ;( Looking forward to this .. Does single/dual root matter with NVLINK?
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    Datto Xeon D 1541 board -- $501.15 shipped + 6/8% ebay bucks for some

    I have a motherboard if anyone is interested. Also have 32gb (4x8GB) ram for it also
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    AU Intel D-1541 8 Core 16 Thread - 48GB DDR4 - 4x 1TB HDD - 10Gbe

    SIRIS 3 and NAS 3 Professional Features & Specifications Datto S3P6000 This was a backup appliance for a mnb that is now closed. The Datto software has been wiped and therefor cannot be licensed but this is a full functioning server and anything can be installed. I installed 4x brand new 1tb...