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    Best chassis for RTX Titans

    What kind of server chassis are people using for 4x or 8x RTX Titan configurations? I know there are a number of things built up for V100
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    HPE SAS SSD drives fail @ 32,768 hours

    Anyone have the firmware to update these?
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    When to switch from flat to routed?

    I've exaggerated the spanning tree event frequency, it just worries me that the network has become too large.
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    When to switch from flat to routed?

    How big is too big for people setting up flat networks? I'm getting to the point where I think there are a lot of spanning tree events and now I've had a situation with a Ubiquiti ES-16-XG 10gb switch that failed to block a spanning tree loop causing a forwarding loop, it took me a little bit...
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    Containers with macvlan network AND bridge

    I have a number of vlans and want to spin up containers that provide vlan specific services, this works awesome and is super easy with Docker. Now I want to also drop that container on the bridge 172.17/16 network and pull data with telegraf, this works with an error when I try to add the...
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    Patching Intel X520 EEPROM to unlock all SFP+ transceivers

    This is awesome, I have looked into this problem just enough to become frustrated and switch to MNX QSFP cards and have a pile of cards on a shelf that do not accept "locked"/unapproved SFP+ modules for SM LR 10k. I felt like I had done something wrong here and just needed to take more time on...
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    Mellanox 40gbe tuning windows? I have terrible performance.

    Yes, I think its quite important to decouple the storage performance and network performance. Most of the testing I have done with these MNX CX3 cards gets about 22gig/sec from host to switch to host For me, this is a very typical iperf3 output for a single thread from a xeon 2697v2 to another...
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    Need help with making reflashed HP / MCX354A work at 40Gb/s

    Have you tried multiple iperf3 processes on different ports at the same time?
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    Looking for Arista firmware

    Looks like 4.18.5M on 10G and 40G switches Arista DCS-7050S-52-F Hardware version: 02.11 Software image version: 4.18.5M Arista DCS-7050QX-32-F Hardware version: 02.11 Software image version: 4.18.5M
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    nexus 3000 vlan

    I have this fixed now, it was a spanning tree issue between the Nexus and Arista.
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    nexus 3000 vlan

    I had switchport trunk native vlan 1 which appears to be the default configuration for all ports,
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    nexus 3000 vlan

    No access lists I have disconnected the nexus for debugging right now but its something like this and i've tried vlan dot1q native vlan and no vlan dot1q native vlan vlan 1-255 interface et1/1 switchport mode trunk interface et1/64 switchport mode trunk interface mgmt ... management...
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    nexus 3000 vlan

    If I unplug this windows server from the Nexus and move it one step up the chain to the Arista 40gb switch everything works perfect, also other things plugged into the Nexus seem to be able to talk just fine. Windows Server 2016 HyperV With VM setup interface 0: untagged, interface 1...
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    nexus 3000 vlan

    I'm having some trouble with a nexus 3k and vlan configuration. This is the first cisco device I've touched in many years and normally use Arista and Ubiquiti switches. This seems like it should be pretty simple, there are a few hypervisors and storage boxes with lacp 40gbit redundant...
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    400ft new fiber run thoughts?

    I've been pulling all SM os2 now and doing the splicing/termination myself.