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    Tyan S8030GM2NE

    I checked the ESXi hardware compatibility - here's the S80XX series for Tyan Model CPU Series Supported Releases S8026 AMD EPYC 7001 Series ESXi 7.0. 6.7 U3 S8026GM2NRE AMD EPYC 7001 Series ESXi 7.0. 6.7 U3 S8036GM2NE AMD EPYC 7002/7Fx2/7Hx2 Series ESXi 7.0. 6.7 U3 I think my...
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    Tyan S8030GM2NE

    I raised a support ticket with Tyan about the BIOS v3.01 issue and they said 'We do not support ESXi 7.0 unfortunately' :eek: Well I guess that's that ...
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    Tyan S8030GM2NE

    Zen 3 is supposed to have much lower idle power + faster floating point. I might actually go for a 24 core CPU to replace the current 16-core 7302p
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    Tyan S8030GM2NE

    Jordan - did you have to RMA the board? The bent pin couldn't be straightened out back? I'm a bit worried about the ESXi 7.0 compatibility. I hope Tyan fixes the ESXi networking issue before they release another new BIOS to support Zen 3 based EPYC chips
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    Tyan S8030GM2NE

    I have to report - BIOS v3.01 caused some weirdness with my motherboard. The server runs ESXi 7.0b and has - NIC0 disconnected - NIC1 connected to the ESXi management network - NIC128 which is a Mellanox 40GbE adapter When I upgraded from BIOS 3.00 to 3.01, the BIOS showed NIC0 and NIC1 - but...
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    Epyc Rome 7002 series, performance impact

    Depends entirely on the application. What are you planning to run on there ?
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    Tyan S8030GM2NE

    I noticed a new version of the BIOS on Tyan's web page - ver 3.01 Here's the change log. Will try to install it over the weekend ... File Name: S8030GM2NE_bios_v301 (11.5M) File Date: 2020 / 09 / 09 Version: V3.01 Description: 1. Update AGESA to RomePI 2. Added BIOS setup...
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    Epyc 7302P & H11SSL-NC Workstation Build: Follow-Up Report

    These are server class CPUs and like the modern Xeons, they need to be tightened with the *exact* amount of torque. I would advise you to buy an AMD tool like this one - Torx Screwdriver for AMD Ryzen Threadripper Processor, Star Tool Only | eBay - and not risk a $700 cpu over a $50 tool. If...
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    GBASE-T transceivers performance with NBASE-T - Marvell 88x3300 v/s Aquantia AQS-107

    That may or may not have the AQ-107 chip. Anecdotal evidence suggests the earlier OPTCore versions did have the Aquantia chip but later versions have the Marvell 88x3310
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    [ESX7] Change SCSI Controller virtual PFSense LSI SAS => pvSCSI

    If your underlying storage is an SSD and if your guest OS supports it - why not use the NVMe driver? If the underlying storage is NVMe, then it's even better. And IIRC, FreeBSD supports NVMe ...
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    Switches that support 10Gb over cat. 5e cables

    Don't you need a Gateway license or similar for the SX6036? Isn't this an Infiniband switch?
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    Switches that support 10Gb over cat. 5e cables

    The runs are 30 ft and 100ft When using Aquantia SFP modules I can do 10G bi-directionally and 2.5G/5G as well When using Marvell 88x33X0 modules (Ipolex, Wiitek, Ubiquiti etc) I can do 10G bi-directionally and 2.5G/5G with varying levels of success The Aquantia SFP modules are rarer than...
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    Switches that support 10Gb over cat. 5e cables

    I have the ICX-6610 - the 10Gb SFP ports will do 10GbE over Cat5E without problems if you use 10Gbase-T SFP modules. If you can get your hands on Aquantia SFP modules, you can do 2.5G and 5G without problems as well. With other SFP modules - YMMV but 10G seems fine
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    WTB [US] Norco RPC-432 or similar 4U short depth chassis

    As the title says, looking for a Norco RPC-432 4U chassis to replace my RPC-4308. I'm moving off the 5x4TB RAID / DrivePool array and would like a chassis that has front fans and more cooling - and something that can accommodate longer graphics cards Unfortunately, due to limited rack depth, I...