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    FS/FT - SFBayZFS's 2020-2021 home storage lab liquidation

    Just posting to say my dealings with sfbayzfs were perfect product arrived exactly as described.
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    FS/FT - SFBayZFS's 2020-2021 home storage lab liquidation

    I am interested in the SC837 dual sas expander with SQ PSU. Shoot me the cost for that and shipping please.
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    End of Year NAS Build

    Just out of curiosity for a simple file server why go with the EPYC 7232P seems way overkill
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    [SOLD][US-VA] Xeon D-1541 storage server + 24TB + 1TB SSD Cache

    How much for shipping on the p2000 to 92508
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    FS: 13x 826 boxes "free" with Netshelter CX 42U

    Do you have pics of the net shelter I might be interested. Its a 6 hour drive for me but might be worth it.
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    Plexinator v1 -

    It was briefly released in the forum version the lighter faster version. They turned it back off when they moved that release over to main so it is coming it was undisclosed that it was activated on the forum release most likely by accident. But it did max a cpu core 100% no hardware for that...
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    Plexinator v1 -

    Why run a windows VM for plex? Why not just run a docker with passthrough to the GPU? Also just to note as you said you are not passing 4k content. The newest version of plex has some tone mapping built in for HDR being transcoded so it no longer a huge issue.
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    Need advice on Massive New Plex server

    Before you go crazy as you mentioned 4k streams. Remember tone mapping on HW transcode is not supported. So if you stream 4k HDR material it has to be direct stream otherwise the colors are washed out. You might see CPU transcode support as I think FFMPEG added support recently.
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    SC846 Build

    I pulled the trigger on the E3-1245 V6 and the X11ssh board.
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    SC846 Build

    I have started another SC846 build. My first one has a small Gen3 I3 cpu and a M1015 flashed to IT mode to run ZFS file system on 20 drives. Its only purpose was for file storage and plex. My needs have changed so I am starting a new build. I currently have another barebone SC846 case just...
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    FS:Server Parts from Homelab DDR3,Supermicro Chassis,Boards

    Where are you located I am interested In the 846 with the Sas2 backplane.
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    Home NAS Upgrade

    Just curious why not run a CPU that has built-in GPU so you can use hardware decoding with plex? Then you don't have to worry about raw power for Plex.
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    Truly quiet Supermicro 826/836/846?

    That is a nice way of doing it. Wish I would have known it fit. I modified the stock fan rack and the back of the case to mount the noctua fans
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    Truly quiet Supermicro 826/836/846?

    I made my SC846 as quiet as I could get it. Unless you are sitting next to it you don't really hear it but it took a lot of work and a lot of parts to be found. Things that made a huge difference. Removed stock screaming PSU and replaced with the 920p SQ model this was a huge difference. I...