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    Ultra Wide Screen Monitors for Administration?

    Many (>8) years ago I used a 2×2 19" monitor array. It was adequate at the time, but required an expensive mount, and the separate monitors with plenty of bezels tended to force tasks into one of four locations. Somewhere around five years ago I picked up a 39" Seiki 4K TV for around $300. It...
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    What is the idea monitor configuration?

    I've been using identical 39" Seiki 4K televisions at home and work (one each) for several years and much prefer large single-monitor to multi-monitor. Anything smaller seems a cramped compromise, and multi-monitor bezels interrupt the work space (though for some types of work, relegating...
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    Docker on different platforms, running containers differently?

    I don't have an RHEL system handy atm. Just tried this on an Ubuntu 17.04 system. Timed the second of two runs. Both ended after 10 minutes or so. The second ended with the following (the first also ended with the same "Run time exceeded 0.099 hours"). gapinski@NUC7i7BNH:~$ time docker run -it...
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    Password Cracking with 8x NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti GPUs

    Looks like something I'll have to play with. Ran a benchmark on a NUC7i7BNH without/with OpenCL: gapinski@NUC7i7BNH:~$ pyrit benchmark Pyrit 0.4.0 (C) 2008-2011 Lukas Lueg This code is distributed under the GNU General Public License v3+ Running benchmark (2423.3...
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    Can someone please tell me how to change DNS servers in Ubuntu?

    I think the answer might be "carefully". systemd has borged local name resolution. On recent (≥16.10) versions of Ubuntu, you will have a cacheing resolver listening on And you will not have DNSSEC by default. The configuration can be found in /etc/systemd/resolved.conf. Defaults...
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    Homelab SIEM recommendations?

    See this paper for IPv6-related analysis of some of the usual suspects (less than extreme success was encountered).
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    Homelab SIEM recommendations?

    A few. Smart phone began contacting Beijing daily sending IMEI+more in the clear (began with an app update; all apps from that developer no longer used). Free inbound port scans from Shodan to RFC 4941 IPv6 address proximate with NTP request from smart phone to Visits from...
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    Homelab SIEM recommendations?

    I use Suricata and Greylog (for IDS and logging respectively. However, setting them up manually is a bit of a bother. ELK is also good for logging, but is also non-trivial to set up. I have briefly looked at Security Onion and it appeared to be a nice bundle of several applications.
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    Project GDC (Garage Data Center)

    I have a garage bay, walled off from the main part of the garage, that is slowly being changed from workshop to something like a den. It has a gas-fired heater that heats it and the rest of the garage (by leaving the door between open). However, while it's rather cold now, summer will be...
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    Innodisk SATADOM-SL 3ME3 V2 64GB Benchmarks and Review

    Nice article, particularly the explanation of how to wire power when not supplied by the SATA socket (e.g., on a Supermicro 5017A-EF).
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    Taking the plunge with Google Project Fi - My Experiences from a 15+ year AT&T Customer

    My wife has been using Project Fi for about 4 or 5 months and has had no complaints. I've been using it since early January. Normally on T-Mobile network. Both using Nexus 5X. I have noticed long (~20s) voice call setup times using either cellular or 802.11, contacted Google, and was told the...
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    This forum needs a Korean 4k thread

    I've been using a Seiki SE39UY04 at both home and work for about two years. Would not go back to smaller or multiple monitors. Any new monitors will be about 40-inch. The older Seikis lack DisplayPort, but their new one has that (for about 2–3× the price). The SE39UY04 often is available for...
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    Home Network Control

    For outbound (i.e., traffic initiated by systems on the local network): A fundamental aspect is a reputation service. They exist (OpenDNS is one example). I don't think it is possible to do it (reputation list maintenance) on one's own. The DNS approach is simple and can be achieved using...
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    Moving from traditional router to IDS / IPS / UTM... suggestions?

    If all you're interested in is log analysis, Splunk, Graylog, and ELK are all good. I have not used OSSIM but it looks nice. Security Onion is worth a look, as are the components it uses. I use Suricata on the pre-NAT (i.e., inside) interface of my edge router in IDS mode, but still need...
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    $900,000,000.00 - What would you do if you won?

    I would also take a lump-sum payment and endure the tax hit in the first year. Unlike Patrick, however, I'd retain the remainder and pay someone to structure and manage it for me. I don't expect I'd change my lifestyle much. I would continue working as I am now. Would do some extra things such...