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    Network OS - ok if I don't want to tinker?

    The code used to create Cumulus Linux is free and available to the public to view, edit and for users with the appropriate skill to contribute to. I was able to get a switch but not being able to get a licence for home use, this has made me rely on just the base functionality. Admittedly, I am...
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    25gbe switches, anyone with a list and pricing?

    The 25G uplink is a cheaper alternative which has becomes the ideal choice with 2.5x bandwidth and lower cost per gigabit than 10G. On top of that, a concurrent network upgrade in the ToR switches will just make the change more compelling.
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    Ubiquiti WAPs any good? / Buying them on Amazon?

    I'm interested in replacing my existing AP with a NanoHD as well... they seem like they're going to be a good value. I was close to getting UAP-AC-HD but my switch only does 802.3af and this would mean having to buy a 802.3at injector (at least) or a whole new switch just adding to the cost even...