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    [FS] Nvidia Tesla P100 GPU's

    I bought 6 P100s from the first batch. I have currently one mounted on an HP ML350 G9 (2x 2690v4, 256gb @ 2400T) but I can easily mount 3 gpus and possibly a fourth but @ x16,x16,x16,x8 electrical. I run Ubuntu 20 Desktop and I am in the middle of converting my navier-stokes solver from opencl...
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    [SOLD OUT] Nvidia Tesla P100 PCIE 16GB (Dell) - ALL SOLD

    Got 2 for starters. They both arrived in 6 days with FedEx. But FedEx=expensive. Both work. I am buying a few more. Thanks Sam. --
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    E5-2696 V2 CPUs for $325!

    it seems unlikely that for double precision calculations any two v2 chips will come to anything near current ones having 2 avx512 units per core. As for bandwidth, the 10980XE has 4-channel max bandwidth 94 GB/s which is not that far from that of a pair 2697v2 while ignoring that for actual...
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    E5-2696 V2 CPUs for $325!

    Thanks. The answer seems to be "dont bother". The attractiveness of the v2 is/was the cheap(er) memory. Otherwise a current cpu from intel/amd with fewer cores would easily outclass any two v2s. ==
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    E5-2696 V2 CPUs for $325!

    This may be a bit vague, but here it is: I have a dell t7610 with two 2695v2 and 256gb @1600 doing double precision calculations in all 24 cores 24/7/52. what is one to expect from an upgrade to two 2697v2? any guesses or benchmarks? ==
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    Searching Gigabyte server in europe

    straying slightly into politics, the main reason for the relative scarcity and high prices of secondhand server hardware (arguably vat may not have been the big influence) in europe was the naivety that the eu officials (and governments) showed in signing the "safe harbour" agreement and in...
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    external frame for mounting gpus

    Thanks v much. somewhere in there there must an answer on how to use the 4 pci3 x16 slots of the workstation. --
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    external frame for mounting gpus

    Hello, I have a dell t7610 within which i have mounted 3 gpus. Because of the cramped layout of the workstation innards, air cooling is inadequate and the cards overheat (>100C) and throttle. I would try using risers if i can find a way to reliably mount the gpus in a external frame (like...
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    Dell T7610: Second cpu not detected. Any suggestions?

    Hello, I wonder if anyone has anything to suggest about the following: Got a dell t7610 (second hand of course) for its four x16 pci slots sans cpus and sans ram. Also, I have two 2695v2 (SR1BA) and 8x16GB ddr3 rdimms @1600 with identical part number. Installing one of the cpus and all...
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    EU [FS] Massive sale: CPU, RAM, HDD, Dell parts, Mellanox, Infiniband, Other

    Got the package with the ram. Thank you Professor. --
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    v2 server as workstation/desktop

    This is not an always on system. it is for doing just post processing calculations and displaying the results. I would have built a desktop ryzen system but the size and cost of memory make one to look for alternatives. My 24/7 system is an HP ml350 g9 with two 2690v4 and 256gb @ 2400T and...
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    v2 server as workstation/desktop

    the key is to be able to use the display with the gpu driver installed. otherwise there is no point of using a gpu.