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    Go on, admit it, who here is already running at 200Gbe??

    I'm going to be running 56Gb , that should be more than enough for my requirements, I'm just waiting on my new 42RU rack which arrives tomorrow, transport outfit annihalated the first one.
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    Mellanox SX6036 Rail kit part #

    Well it'll be down to a set then and tossing what I have into th recycle bin
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    Mellanox SX6036 Rail kit part #

    Thanks guys, I can't have checked hard enough, everything I saw had parts #'s related to single or dual PSU's with and without rails but I couldn't find the rail kit seperately, as it stands I have the inner rail, the one that is acutally attached to the switch but not the outer rack side.
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    Mellanox SX6036 Rail kit part #

    Can anyone tell me what the part numbers for the Rail kits are for this switch, I have been looking and I have done google searches but can only find articles in relation to the whole switch being supplied with the Rail kit, not purchasing it separately.
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    DELL SFP28 S5148F-ON || Need Help Finding: P/N of -- PSU & FAN

    Do you not have to have a current service contract with dell to do that?, that was why I made the comment re anxhors, if you have to pay for a service contract just in order to buy parts its not worth while
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    More custom Mellanox firmware tips

    I have to ask don't sun cards following their own numbering practices? if relating this firmware back to actual Mellanox Connect X series product, what products does it relate to and is the sun firmware later or earlier by comparison @Derwood
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    DELL SFP28 S5148F-ON || Need Help Finding: P/N of -- PSU & FAN

    O.K Just spoke to DELL's very unhelpful support who told me they need an service tag number for the switch in order to determine what replacement part you can use, apparently although there is one model of switch it can use different PSU's both A/C and D/C and the replacement part is dependant...
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    DELL SFP28 S5148F-ON || Need Help Finding: P/N of -- PSU & FAN

    Lot of info here too ']Link under a sublink I saw that you couldn't just replace a fan you had to replace a full PSU and apparently the PSU's draw air in different directions.
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    DELL SFP28 S5148F-ON || Need Help Finding: P/N of -- PSU & FAN

    Dumb question but have you tried swapping the power supply between slots to ensure that it is the PSU and fan that are down and not the backplane they plug into?
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    Regarding Rack Rails.

    Thanks @BlueFox and @metag I will attempt to order rails from SuperMicro for their gear but I might have to order generic outer rails for my SX6036 as I believe the product codes from Mellanox like the one I have : MSX6036F-1BRR actually include the inner and outer rails but in this case being...
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    Regarding Rack Rails.

    I have noticed that vendors tend to offer Rack Rails for mounting their systems under their own names ( quite often at inflated prices ), I have also noticed that thre are rails that have been advertised as being universal. Can you use rack inner/outer rails from one vendor with those of...
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    Alcatel Omni PCX Network Switches (A12167) $52-$65USD + Postage from NZ

    Ty for that, hadn't realized as I probably didn't look close enough. my bad.
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    Only seeing 900Mbps or less speed on 10Gb network

    That was it. :) thanks @i386
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    This is going sound a bit backwards 3.5->2.5 mounting bracket.

    Thanks for the response what I was looking for was basically something that lets you fit a 3.5 inch drive to a 2.5 mount like the crudely drawn picture