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    Intel Xeon D-1500 Series Discussion

    Nice to see mATX models at least!
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    FS: merged into new thread.

    Not yet sadly. Maybe in RouterOS v7
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    Slow power on of VMs...

    Are you doing any replication or is the VM pointing to a host CDdrive that may have a non-bootable disk etc.
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    ConnectX-2 EN - dual port cards

    Yeah that is how mine was as well. 2 cards back to back in a single static bag in a small USPS box. Bounced and rubbed to hell hence my damage. 2 bags or a bit of foam between would of fixed it. Still haven't heard back from the seller . Sigh.
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    Questions About Moving to 10gbe

    There should be no issues connecting a chelsio card to the Mellanox ones. Not sure about the transceivers/cables though.
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    ConnectX-2 EN - dual port cards

    Got mine today. and they were both Connect-3 EN cards. Awesome! Bad news is both were damaged in transit. :( Both cards lost a capacitor and both had another nearly knocked off (same spot). Cards were not packaged well. If you got multiple cards and they were both in the same bag rubbing each...
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    E3 v4 (Broadwell) - No 1230?

    Looking again, These are all ones ending in 5's (include integrated graphics). That part got a huge boost with broadwell. Perhaps they are only refreshing the ones with integrated graphics and will not be releasing the others. CPU portion changed little and Skylake isn't that far off so perhaps...
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    E3 v4 (Broadwell) - No 1230?

    Odd. I always found the 1230 to be the most common processor . Great combination of speed, HT and price.
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    As a single user is infiniband worth the money?

    No. DDR is already 20Gbps (RDMA) / 16Gbps IPoIB (max but usually lower). You may be able to bond at a higher level but anything ethernet related needs eIPoIB which is not widely supported. This is also what makes bridging a PITA. Generally you will just use a single link (or 2 for redundancy)...
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    As a single user is infiniband worth the money?

    If you are looking at needing > 4 ports it is hard to beat infiniband. Switches (DDR) are quite a bit cheaper. RDMA is amazing, IPoIB is a pig IME in both CPU usage and overhead. CX4 to QSFP cables can also be extremely expensive. I started with IB and moved to pure ethernet but have fewer...
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    VMWare EVALExperience and vSphere 6.0

    That would be awesome :D
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    Connect-X2 IPoIB?

    I know this is not an answer, but this is something I would love to know how to do as well. I have never been able to find a way to set the port mode in ESXi . Must be a module flag you can set via the command line. Assuming they are just not left as autodetect. As far as what mode it the port...
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    ConnectX-2 EN - dual port cards

    nice :D
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    Memory for E3 series

    Indeed, check with the motherboard manufactures. Some boards (i.e. Supermicro) have issues if you do not use ECC UDIMMS.
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    Welcoming William to STH

    Welcome William !