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    MikroTik CRS326-24G-2S+RM Review Inexpensive 24 Port 1GbE Switch

    Is it just me or does the chassis look like it already has all the provisions to add an internal power supply? And the board has what look like solder points for a 2-pin internal power connector, right next to the external jack...Disappointing.
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    [FS] Intel S2600CP2J motherboards, some with HA node components

    Found four S2600CP2J motherboards in storage and looking to get rid of them. These are dual-socket E5 V1/V2 boards with 16 DIMM slots, 2x onboard GbE, and an onboard SAS HBA. 1 is a loose board. 3 of them are installed in hot swap server nodes that we had on hand as spares. Of these nodes, 2...
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    MikroTik CRS312-4C+8XG-RM 12-Port 10GbE Switch Review

    Look up the price of 10GBaseT transcievers. 12 of them will cost you more than this switch.
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    MikroTik CRS312-4C+8XG-RM 12-Port 10GbE Switch Review

    For SMB or SOHO, CAT6 is still considerably simpler than fiber. And most 10GbE workstations use 10GBaseT. Does anyone have the fan model/spec used in this? I wonder if say Noctua A4x20s would be powerful enough to keep it cool.
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    Datto DN500 4-bay NAS - $189

    Datto DN 500 Storage Unit | eBay By my understanding this should have an i5-4430 and 16GB DDR3. 4x500GB HDD are kind of useless but the chassis + PSU + MB alone would make this worthwhile.
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    EVGA X79 FTW, E5-1650V2, CPU & VRM blocks; R9-290 with WB and 3D printed BP, 4x8GB DDR4RDIMM

    Most of this is not strictly server hardware so let me know if it's not kosher. X79 Combo EVGA X79 motherboard - I/O shield, most accessories included. Intel Xeon E5-1650V2 - 6c12t, IB-E, unlocked multiplier. I have not tried overclocking this combo yet but the EVGA board is more than up to...
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    FS/FT: Datto 4-bay NAS w/i3-4130, 12GB DDR3

    Imgur photo album here Datto 4-bay NAS. Motherboard has been flashed with a normal BIOS. Good working condition, just replaced the CPU with an i3-4130. Would make an excellent FreeNAS or Plex server. MB has a pair of Intel GbE, USB 3.0, HDMI, and a pair of serial ports. Side panel has minor...
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    FS: Asus Q87T/Pentium G3220/4GB DDR3 Thin Mini ITX combo

    I will include both IO shields (thin mini and standard ITX) as well as the original SATA power/data cables. You will need an mSATA SSD, CPU cooler (I suggest Silverstone's NT07 if going thin-mini; I can include a stock Intel cooler if you decide to go standard mini ITX), power supply (a 90W Dell...
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    GIGABYTE MB10 Datto Motherbaord Xeon D-1521 with I/O Shield - $130 + shipping

    I've only heard of that working for spinning drives.