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    Review of White Label 4TB drives

    Just plugged in some 4TB drives I ordered awhile back and had an unexpected firmware on BOTH drives I ordered. I have another 4TB drive from another order that is running badblocks on the first pass at over 140 hours still. I'm considering it an RMA. Firmware was HPG1. Fourth 4TB drive was...
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    FS: IBM G8124 "SOLD"

    Ahh that does make sense. I was just thinking how much I'd rather configure a juniper switch over something unknown to me.
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    FS: IBM G8124 "SOLD"

    Just curious - why would you pick up a Gnodal over keeping the IBM?
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    Ubiquiti caught violating GPL

    I love the products too, now just give me 802.3af/at PoE switch with vyatta based config.
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    10Gbe Switch Suggestions

    1000BASE-T RJ45 Active Copper SFP Module-$15 Just select the brand. Love this store.
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    Supermicro 3u 16bay 3.5" chassis with SAS2 expander

    Dumb question: this will fit supermicro micro atx motherboards too correct?
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    Review of White Label 4TB drives

    Back up for $159.95 New 4TB 64MB Cache 7200RPM Enterprise Grade SATA 6 0Gb s 3 5" Hard Drive | eBay
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    Mikrotik CRS226 $244!!!!!!!!

    Does not ship to Alaska/Hawaii. Why oh why do I live in the frigid north. It makes supplying my homelab off ebay so much more work.
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    MikroTik CRS226-24G-2S+ (IN=Desktop RM=Rackmount)

    Seconded. I deployed Brocade SFP's from FiberStore and OM4 fiber from them as well. I have it going from a 1036 to the 226. Haven't done much testing other than link and pings.
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    Windows 10 Tech Preview

    Man neither did I. I managed to download the Windows Server tech preview first try though using the download manager.
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    Windows 10 Tech Preview

    I just snagged the enterprise copy as well. Took me about 4 tries to get it to download...That download manager is awful. Installing it now.
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    Review of White Label 4TB drives

    I see them back down to $144.95 on ebay currently.
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    Review of White Label 4TB drives

    Damn that was fast! Monitoring eBay to buy more :)
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    Review of White Label 4TB drives

    Price bumped up to $179.95 within the last few days sometime FYI.