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    Inexplicable CPU underclocking: help!

    Does the your motherboard come fanless like show in Supermicro's site? I wonder if your heatsink replacement is causing "fan failure" and bios forcing it into low clock speed? Have you used a different power supply? Lastly, in my overclocking adventures, I use program called HWINFO to see if...
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    FS: SM 826s, DDR3 RAM, SSDs

    Which motherboard revision of the X9DRI-LN4F+.? I believe you need 1.20 to have E5 v2 support.
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    Q? for those familiar with electronics repair... how do i read this cap?

    ^ This is correct. My mistake. You'll be looking for 56μF instead of 560μF. I assume its short hand for 56μF x 10^0 This is the only in stock 56μF 6.3v radial cap I could find on mouser. UPW0J560MDD Nichicon | Mouser Check physical measurements see if it can be drop in replacement.
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    Q? for those familiar with electronics repair... how do i read this cap?

    My google fu was with me today. Series LF 560uF cap J = 6.3 volts last line is a lot code Hopefully that will help you find a replacement. Good luck.
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    Need some help with FreeNAS Sharing

    Check the underneath ACLs on each pool's folders. I've messed up permissions before switching between linux and windows ACLs on FreeNAS for samba shares. Use `getfacl` and `setfacl` to resolve your issues. FreeNAS manual says try to manage all permissions via Windows machine, but you'll have to...
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    DDR3 DDR4 RAM price trends thread.

    I've been able to pickup up DDR3 8GB PC3-10666 RDIMM for about 20-23$ a module. Most are from lucky accepted best offers.
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    ESXi 6.5 Brand New Install "Cannot complete login due to an incorrect user name or password"

    I had similar issue. But not on a fresh install. On almost all of out ESXi free servers we have SSH enabled for remote management via external agent. Our poorly configured MSP Agent was checking to see if it could log on as root via ssh. This would cause a lock out on both SSH and WebUI but no...
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    FS: 2x SuperMicro/AbleCom PWS-902-1R PSU. $0 + Shipping

    I know these are in very low demand. They are not even the platinum rating. So this pair is free. Just pay for shipping. Shipping estimate info: 20" x 10" x 4", 8lbs, zip code: 95401. I can ship via UPS, Fedex, or USPS. Payment via PayPal. My ebay profile here.
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    LSI MegaRaid 9265-8i $25 (Dell Pull)

    Yeah I'll be looking for one too. Hopefully I can find it at the 25$ range as well. I'm cheap. Looks like the LSIiBBU09 is the part number. Need to find it with a cable. The battery doesn't mount to the card like most other LSI card's I've used.
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    LSI MegaRaid 9265-8i $25 (Dell Pull)

    Dell SAS 9265-8i 6GB/S Half Height Low Profile Bracket SAS Controller Card FNR56 | eBay Been looking for a basic RAID card to handle 8 spinning drives. This fit the bill perfectly. I see it sold for $30 few times on ebay. $25 is a new low.
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    FreeNAS 11 CIFS 10GB write speed

    This help me get some better CIFS performance while ago. I applied these settings in FreeNAS 9.3, not sure if is needed in FreeNAS 11. In FreeNAS - Services - CIFS Settings, force a Server maximum protocol of SMB3. In FreeNAS - CIFS Share settings - Under VFS Objects add 'aio_pthread' Then add...
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    8GB DDR3 ECC RDIMM BO accepted @ $10 w/ fs

    Short lived. There was 12 left when I posted.
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    8GB DDR3 ECC RDIMM BO accepted @ $10 w/ fs

    ACTICA 8GB PC3-10600 DDR3-1333MHz ECC Reg. CL9 240-Pin DIMM Memory I got auto-accepted best offer of 12 @ $10 a piece. All DIMMs worked in my Dell R710. Good deal for DDR3 RDIMM?
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    Sold: 256GB M.2 80mm SSD (MyDigitalSSD): $60

    Trying to find a supporting article, but SATA based M.2 drives (Like the MDM280-BP5-0256G) do not work in most PCIe NVMe holder cards like OCZ one shown. If it was going to work with SATA m.2 the PCIe card would have SATA host controller on it. If the M.2 drive has 2 slots (B & M keying) in its...