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    Network routing issues

    If pfsense is doing the layer 3 then the switches are running layer 2. It does make for a simpler set up but slower.
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    Layer 3 Switch w/ PFSense

    I never stated you were using multiple transit network. Maybe I am not understanding you. I was a network guy before I retired. If you are using an access port for your client then he is not involved in the network and your client is not aware of VLANs as he is just talking to the IP assigned...
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    Layer 3 Switch w/ PFSense

    I build networks so workstations don't know anything about VLANs. The workstations just receive IP addresses from DHCP. Why would you want to involve a workstation in your network? I consider the workstation a user of the network not part of it.
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    Mix 10G 2.5G, slow speed, high Retr

    Cisco small business switches have some 2.5 gig model switches in the SG350X line and probably the new Cisco CBS switch line. I have not seen any cheap yet.
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    Layer 3 Switch w/ PFSense

    I have used a 24 bit mask to connect pfsense and a Cisco L3 switch. The trick is to use the L3 switch as the gateway for all clients on the /24 mask not the router as using the router's gateway will not work. The client's traffic will forward to the L3 switch where all local networks are...
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    Layer 3 Switch w/ PFSense

    As I said the simple setup is do all your local routing in the L3 switch and use pfsense for internet traffic only with 1 connection. This setup also allows you to use multiple L3 switches deep in your network. Using DHCP on pfsense does not.
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    Layer 3 Switch w/ PFSense

    If your routing was working correctly, you could ping. You have configuration error somewhere. The simple fix is 1 connection. My way is creating a VLAN with a /30 mask between pfsense and the L3 switch. Route all traffic across this VLAN. I ran pfsense using a Cisco L3 switch for over a...
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    Advice for a switch >= 24ports / 1gb

    Buy a Cisco small business L3 switch. The SG350 or SG350X are fairly cheap on ebay. The newer Cisco CBS350 models will be good. Free firmware support for the life of the switch since this is small business.
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    Layer 3 Switch w/ PFSense

    Usually what I have seen is it is related to the gateway and routing. In a layer 3 switch network you want the L3 switch to be the gateway for all clients. There will be a gateway for each network on the L3 switch. Then you want the default route on the switch pointing to the router. Then...
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    Low Power / HA - Router options [Discussion]

    I find nowadays I want to keep my router simple with the latest security updates. I use a Cisco small business RV340 router with a Cisco L3 SG350-10P switch. I use a couple of Cisco wireless APs powered off the switch. This setup runs like an appliance. It just works. Cisco gives good...
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    I was using a Cisco SG300-28 switch in L3 10 years ago. They are a nice switch but old. I have changed the last couple years and use a Cisco SG350-10P now. I have a Cisco SG350X-24 but the fans bother me. I used pfsense for about a year and switched to a Cisco RV340 router as all the DHCP...
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    Current router on its way out... possible replacement?

    I like Cisco small business solution. I run a Cisco RV340 router, a Cisco L3 SG350-10P switch and 2 Cisco WAP581 wireless APs setup in single point mode as 1 virtual AP. If a Cisco L3 switch is too difficult to configure then you can run a Cisco RV345P and a couple of Cisco wireless APs. This...
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    Homelab networking advice (adding a new router and VLANs)

    Now that you changed around your diagrams the question comes up that it looks like the Netgear does not support VLANs so all your wireless will need to be in 1 VLAN. If you want your wireless to support VLANs then you need a wireless AP that supports VLANs as I stated above in my first post...
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    Homelab networking advice (adding a new router and VLANs)

    Just setup your RV345 router without lag ports. Use single ports. If you are going to run lots of high bandwidth local servers then a Cisco RV340 router and a Cisco L3 switch is a better choice. The Cisco RV345 router is a good choice for a simple setup with mainly internet usage. I think of...
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    Homelab networking advice (adding a new router and VLANs)

    My first thought is if you want to do anything fancy on your local network buy a Cisco L3 switch. I use a Cisco RV340 router with a Cisco SG350-10P switch setup as a L3 switch. The RV345 router is a 1 gig full duplex router with that being said there is no reason to LAG ports on a RV340/RV345...