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    Many Thanks

    I Couldn't delete this so I just changed the post. I appreciate everyone's solid input, drive to find solutions/contribute, and all the awesome content that is here. This place is a beacon in the Tech community!
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    IBM S822LC 8335 Power 8 2U Server

    Can't seem to get this thing to boot, (If it wasn't so expensive, I'd beat it with a hammer! all memory slots are filled with 16GB sticks, for a total of 512GB IBM 8335-GTB S822LC 2U Rack Server MACHINE TYPE 8335 option 2147 CPU: 2x POWER8 10-Core 3.259GHz CPU Memory: 0 GB DDR4 (Please...
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    Looking for LSI 9400-8i8e under any other name ? Even reflashed IT ?

    @bford Which Machine are you putting this into? If it's a Supermicro machine I'd just go with the 8i and then put this in (AOM-SAS3-8i8E) to handle the IT Mode part. Controller to backplane, backplane to external, external to controller, to close the loop, and bam! Or get the 9400-8i8e from...
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    Flash IBM 12Gb/s 3108 Chipset ( P/N: 46C9111 ) to LSI 9361-8i??

    I've tried the IBM Version of the same 9361-8i Chipset (3108) in a Supermicro server and it doesn't work. The Controller didn't even come up when trying to boot up to flash it. ( P/N: 46C9111 ) Anyone got any trick to flashing this to be able to recognize it in anything other than an IBM server?
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    LSI 9361-8i SAS3 12Gb/ Cards?

    Tried cross flash, can't even get it to recognize, Can you give me some insight on that nabsltd, I'm in a bind. I'm new to the forums content part so....(Do I have to take this chat somewhere else now?) Just trying to stay in compliance
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    LSI 9361-8i SAS3 12Gb/ Cards?

    I've tried the IBM Version of the 9361-8i With the same chipset 3108 ( P/N: 46C9111 ) This came out Unsuccessful in a Supermicro. Thanks everyone for the Tips and links! I'm going to see if I can go for the China Version.
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    LSI 9361-8i SAS3 12Gb/ Cards?

    What's up with all the High Demand on These cards Recently noticed the spike in price on these raid cards. It's gotten crazy! Where are all the 9361-8i's going? They went from $250ish to $600+! Looking for 9361-8i that can do Raid 1-60 with all the licenses.
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    X9SRW-F v1.01A with v2 xeon?

    If I'm not mistaken the supermicro REV has to be 1.2 to be able to support the V2 Family E5-2600 Family. I had a Recent problem with the X9DRI-LN4F+ REv. 1.10 That I purchased. I ended up getting a Rev. 1.20 Motherboard and BAM! Worked like a charm. Here is the User Manual I searched CPU and it...
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    EU Some Brocade switches (ICX 6610 etc)

    Indeed it is!