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    EU Asus ASMB8-iKVM/A10PAD8 to donate

    It is the iKVM module - it says "ASMB8-iKVM/A10PAD8" on top of it. I guess it has two part numbers.
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    EU Asus ASMB8-iKVM/A10PAD8 to donate

    Hi, My Asus board died and was replaced by a Super Micro board, which mean that I have no use for this. I am not 100% that it works as the Asus board died due to a short circuit in the PSU. It has been updated to the lates FW to be able to cope with Java8. I'll ship for free within EU. First...
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    Still not fully understanding linux file permissions and how they work with containers

    I think what you're looking for is the PUID and PGID environment variables Understanding PUID and PGID, they control which owner:group is being set on files on the docker host when you use filesystem mapping. If you use volumes then it doesn't really matter. -e PGID=100 That will map what ever...
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    New Switch Enterprise 8 POE from UBI

    Interesting, we’ll see how the market looks like when it becomes readily available. I got a couple of Nano’s from them, I kind of like them, but I would hope that things would work without having the controller running all the time. Also I’ll wait and see what they offer with the L3 FW update...
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    New Switch Enterprise 8 POE from UBI

    Have anyone noticed the Switch Enterprise 8 POE from UBI : Switch Enterprise 8 PoE 8x 2.5gbe ports and 2x10gbe ports (spf). This might fill the needs for many people.
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    Hardware Failures in 2021 - Post yours!

    A BeQuiet PSU in my backup server which (after I pressed the power button a few time) fried it self (big spark) and the MB (Asus P10S-I) in one go. First time that ever happened to me, in 30 odd years. Everything else was fine - got an A2SDI-4C-HLN4F as a replacement. Also have an Asus...
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    TrueNAS to Synology SSH Connection for Rsync

    Synology only allow ssh to an account which is ‘admin‘. Without that they block it. There are multiple ways to work around it, not of them really nice (which is why my Synology is on it’s way to ebay).
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    Secure Access to Nextcloud

    A VPN solution is the easiest and the fastest way to create a setup like this. Meaning you run for example OpenVPN on your router, and when connected to it, you’ll have access to your NextCloud. You can run a proxy server on a cloud server instance, which then uses VPN to connect to your...
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    NVMe for E3C236D2I

    Perfect, thank you.
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    NVMe for E3C236D2I

    I've been looking but I've not been able to find an M.2 to U2 adapter in 2230, the ones I've been able to find are 2243 or 2280.
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    NVMe for E3C236D2I

    Hi, To save a bit of money (reuse of cpu) I decided to to got for an E3C236D2I for my downscale nas box (fewer bigger drives). And now need to decide about the NVMe - the MB can only take an M.2. 2230 and that limits the selection a "bit". But I've seen that one can get converter...
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    Is anyone familiar with using kerberos tickets from AD for linux clients?

    Sorry, you're right - it is a few years ago when I last looked at these things. kinit -Vkt /etc/krb5.keytab LDAP/ubuntuclient.DOMAIN.COM@DOMAIN.COM You're trying to use the LDAP spn which is what is failing. If you can do a 'kinit <username>' then you should be good to go as that is what is...
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    Is anyone familiar with using kerberos tickets from AD for linux clients?

    Not having looked at anything of this for some years (more than some years), I would start with your ldap.conf and your krb5.conf to see if there are any differences.
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    Docker Networking

    Not sure if I understand you fully, but are you talking about macvlan, which basically allow you to give you containers ”real” addresses directly on the lan. I use it without any issues on my synology box.
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    TIP: Upgrading ASMB8-IKVM on Asus motherboards

    I upgraded to my ASMB8 which is in my P10S-I with the FW for 1.16.1 for Z10PC-D8 using the "Firmware Update" option, which worked. I no longer get certificate errors. But on MacOS I still have to allow the java applet to run as it's unsigned. But it works (ya!).