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    (US) 90 dollar Wyse 5070 Thin client/mini-server?

    What's that extra connector on the PCI-e riser for? The little white one that's above the PCI-e slot.
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    (US) 90 dollar Wyse 5070 Thin client/mini-server?

    Someone selling a few on ebay - Slim, Celeron, 8GB, WIFI for $102 with free shipping: Dell Wyse 5070 Thin Client PC Intel Celeron J4105 1.5GHz 8GB DDR4 16GB EMMC | eBay
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    (US) 90 dollar Wyse 5070 Thin client/mini-server?

    No, those were the only ones I was really interested in. I just went thru and configured the various options and looked at the build summary and searched. The RJ45/SFP are both exclusive of wireless, so I assume they plug into the mini PCI-e. I haven't found any cheap mini PCI-e -> network...
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    (US) 90 dollar Wyse 5070 Thin client/mini-server?

    $94 at CDW Outlet: WYSE CTO 5070 THIN CLIENT (BSTK) - 3000046278619-BSTK - - No description found on site. You know that there is a second ethernet option (in place of the 3rd VGA/Serial location). Or also SFP... 2nd Network RJ45 - List Price $53 - Part #403-BCBU / GH0AR76...
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    Oracle F80 (Nytro Drive) Smart info question

    Sandforce controller on those things being incorrectly decoded/not in smartmon database?
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    Android Desktop PC?

    Development tools like android studio have emulators built-in. They run on qemu on Linux in a window. They emulate a bunch of different phones. I don't know if you can run them standalone or how much work you'd have to put in to get it to where you could use it. Android studio is a big platform...
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    Off site 2 way sync, dissimilar OS

    You can use rclone as an rsync replacement with a lot of cloud storage solutions. I haven't ever used it for a 2-way sync.
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    An insane idea for temperature control

    Sounds very similar to a wine cellar. I remember seeing pictures of home-built wine cellars (closets, under stairs, basement, garages, etc.) in forums on the internet. Seems like similar problems - temp. & humidity - though of course not the same settings and no heat source inside a cellar. But...
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    Normally, the expressions in (...) are captured and available to caller somehow. The (?:...) prevents the expression from being captured. E.g., see the difference in 1 and 2: #!/usr/bin/perl print "1: " . join(',','abc' =~ /(a)(b)(c)/) ."\n"; print "2: " . join(',','abc' =~ /(a)(?:b)(c)/)...
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    Ebay export buying/selling history to CSV

    There is CSV support in the new seller's hub. Described here: Seller Hub Goto 'Orders' tab, select 'Paid and shipped' for example, click on 'Download report' at top right of table to get CSV. It does not seem to go back more than 90 days as you mentioned. It does include tax paid/collected.
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    NAS and Lightweight Server Build Planning

    According to a user on slickdeals, the Dell T30 mentioned about should be onsale on May 22 with order code PE_T30_12084SE for $299: Dell Poweredge T30, E3-1225 - $299 - Doorbuster - 5/22 11:00 am ET [] I think you could get it, try it for 30 days, and return it if it's too noisy...
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    NFSv3 or NFSv4 for home NAS

    I wouldn't do NFS either - having done it for software development. Samba shares would typically be better. Have you thought about running your own personal cloud (e.g. NextCloud). It is a little difficult to set up, but your users would probably find it more usable.
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    sms (or other) to transmit message to mobile device?

    You can use Google's Firebase Cloud Messaging API to send out (non-sms) messages free tier. You'd have to create an app and register for messages on the mobile, but then you can present the message in any format you want (simple text, decorated, custom, etc.). But, the sender side (host server)...
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    ASUS P9D-? and Broadwell Support (Xeon E3-12xx V4)

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with running the Xeon 12xx-V4 in ASUS P9D server motherboards. I have a P9D-C/4L and I am considering Xeon V3 or V4's, but only the V3's are on ASUS' CPU support list. There is a BIOS update that mentions adding Broadwell support. But, I can't find...